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Wednesday 23 January 2013

29 Days to Go! Wedding Suit Hire

 Debenhams Suit Hire Service

Yesterday made it exactly one month until I tie the knot. I honestly do not know where the time goes! To think I'll be a Mrs in only 30 days is beyond exciting! But as most brides know there is still so much more to do. Starting with the issue of mens suit hire.

No-one ever mentions what the groom will wear on the big day. It's always automatically dismissed and the excitement of the brides dress takes over. Well not me! It is just as  important that the groom looks and feels daper on his big day which is why we selected popular high street retailer Debenhams for the wedding suit hire.

After an awful experience a few years ago with another popular high street retailer, Moss Bros, who messed up his order and made him collect a suit from a completely different store, we were left with very few choices for other high street retailers who stock good quality wedding suits.

So after reassuring him that I would find a decent, reliable menswear suit hire store, I did some research and found Debenhams offers quality wedding suits at high street prices - right up my street!

The groomsmen (all except one) visited a branch and their measurements were taken. I called the branch to find out if the other groomsmen could get measured up in another branch closer to his home. After some ummming and ahhhhing they said it would be fine and gave me the contact details for the other branch. I spoke to a very helpful sales assistant it was finally arranged and groomsman is booked into another branch this Friday.

It wasn't as complicated as I imagined but the final verdict on Debenhams suit hire will be when I see my fiance and the three groomsmen in the correct size, colour and style suits we ordered. Until then, I will patiently have my fingers crossed...

To be continued!

Wednesday 2 January 2013

New Year, New Purse

New year, new purse

I like to see in the new year with a new purse so I treated myself to this cute leopard print wallet from River Island

I actually bought it via ASOS who stock River Island products so if you can't find it on their website it is worth having a look on ASOS too!

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