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Saturday 21 March 2015

50 Shades of Spring

Beautiful Provencal Wire Fronted Demi Armoire from The French Bedroom Company

Spring has just arrived so what better way to get rid of dark winter decor and brighten up your home with cheery pastel hues!

Pastel colours work well in any room of your home and my favourite looks are those that incorporate the candy coloured tones: blush pink, sky blue, mint and pale yellow.  These colours are calm and soothing and the pale, cool shades soften the look of a room, blending well together, so there's no danger of colour clashing!  

But if you're worried about incorporating too much colour to your home and looking for tips here’s my guide to getting the right mix of spring pastels taking inspiration from the French Bedroom Company new Spring collection.

Think Pink 
Bring a feminine feel to your home adding pastel pink shades. Use this colour to create a vintage look, choosing white as a base, these soft pale hues automatically brighten up your home, like this herringbone cream and pink heather throw. It's a simple way to add a touch of cosy French chic to your bedroom, ideal as a bed throw or over a bedroom chair.

Herringbone Pink and Cream Heather Throw from The French Bedroom Company

Cool Blue 
If pastel pinks are too feminine then opt for cooler blues instead. Pastels don’t have to be sweet and charming, try decorating with blue and grey shades instead if you're going for a more elegant look like this soft aqua velvet cushion. It would look great scattered amongst other cushions.

This velvet cushion handmade in India, from 100% cotton, is sky blue on one side and pale grey on the reserve side

For a classic vintage look, sky blue works well as it encapsulates the old English countryside style perfectly. Another timeless look is natural wood furniture painted with blue tones. This soft colour on wood furniture looks both bold and beautiful like this duck egg blue sugar shelves.  
 Light blue furniture like these blue shelves from the French Bedroom Company work well to create a cottage style look

Metallic Tips 
Pastels work well with bolder colours too.  Even the most subdued of shades can look dramatic when combined with bold colours like greys and metallic. Metallic is another big trend for Spring, so why not be brave and pair pink with metallic for an opulent look? The reflective surfaces bounce around the warm tones creating a cosy but elegant environment like the pale pink velvet cushion (below).  Scatter amongst other cushions and layer with muted tones and varying texture.  Try mixing other pastel colours and metallics like mint and gold both colours work well together too.

I've given my metallic cushions an update and added the velvet pink cushion for a new Spring look

For more home decor and bedroom styling ideas using classic French furniture visit The French Bedroom Company website and my Pinterest board here.

*Disclaimer: The product featured were gifted to me for review however all words and opinions are my own*

Sunday 1 March 2015

Beautiful Window Boxes to Brighten Up Your Home

Preparing window boxes for the front garden

Today felt like early Spring in London - it was so sunny and bright this weekend it got me thinking now is the time to start getting the garden ready for more warm weather.

If you're looking for ways to make the front of your home more appealing, then add charm to your front garden with window boxes. 

These flower arrangements are a simple way to brighten up the front of your home and if you have a small garden like I do, the window boxes are ideal and make great compact miniature gardens.

So here are my top tips on how to create the perfect window boxes in three easy steps:

 Select your flowers!

Step 1 - Select your flowers: There are lots of beautiful plants perfect for window boxes but remember it's not just about what they look like but whether they are suitable for your balcony. Some plants prefer the sun and others prefer partial shade. Is your house south facing? Then choose plants which like constant sunshine like petunias or geraniums.  Plants which prefer partial shade are better suited to balconies which face east or west. Fuchsias, ferns or ivy best suit balconies with partial shade. If you're not sure on the right sunlight for the plant check the labels so you know the right plants for your window box. 

Prepare the soil ready for your plants

Step 2 - Prepare the soil: Once you've selected your flowers, mix with soil from the flowers and add to your window box, adding soil from your garden too. Pour  water in the soil until if feels like a damp sponge ready to add your plants. 

 Plant the box but don't forget to dampen the soil of the plant too

Step 3 - Plant the box: Next, start to arrange your plants on top of the soil to approximate their position and gently tip them out of their containers. Start planting in the centre of the box and work toward the sides, adding more soil around the roots as you plant the flowers.

Plant no more than three plants leaving enough space between them

Moisten the base of the plants to settle them into the soil again adding more soil as needed. Place the box beneath the window and water thoroughly until the drainage holes start to drip.  Then you're window boxes are ready for display!

How the finished window boxes look displayed on my window ledges 

If you don’t have a garden and a balcony or window ledge is all you have to work with then I would highly recommend adding some pretty window boxes to brighten up the front of your property.

I'm so pleased with my window boxes, it's a simple way to  change the appearance of your home and doesn't take much effort to maintain the plants either. Just don't forget to water your window boxes every day in the Summer, so that the soil is kept moist and your plants stay blooming gorgeous!

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