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Wednesday 16 March 2016

Zoe's Ghana Kitchen Review

My favourite meal of the evening!

This week I attended a Grub Club supper club event called Zoe‘s Ghana Kitchen, a Ghanaian pop-up restaurant in South London. I’m always on the look out for chefs who specialise in African cuisine so when I heard Zoe Adjonyoh was cooking up a storm in a kitchen at Pop Brixton, South London’s newest foodie place, I knew I had to visit her supper club and try these culinary delights I’ve read so much about myself.

Zoe promises guests will “eat good home cooked Ghanaian food in an intimate restaurant setting”. Her slogan is "It's #ghanabetasty" so I had high expectations of the night ahead.

Selection of drinks on offer for the evening

Firstly, Zoe introduced herself, her vision behind Zoe's Ghana Kitchen and gave an outline of the evening ahead. She explained about the drinks on offer: a selection of Ghanaian Beer, red or white wine and for the non-drinkers, CoCa Cola and Schweppes. What makes these fizzy drinks “African” apart from being sold in Ghana? Well, African fizzy drinks are known for having a slightly different taste, mainly being, super sweet, and having a sweet tooth I was very pleased with the drinks on offer!

My drink for the evening

Then we were served our starters for the evening, okra fries & crispy kale. Okra is traditionally used in West African dishes as a stew served with meat and accompanied with ground cassava, but Zoe gave a different spin to this by slicing and deep-frying the Okra in a light batter to turn them into crisps – certainly different but ever so tasty!

Okra fries

Crispy kale

We then had bambara bean stew - (Aboiboi) with spiced plantain pancakes which makes a good veggie dish followed by my favourite dish of the evening: the grilled lamb cutlets with spiced peanut sauce (Nkatenkwan) served with a portion of tasty rice and beans (Waakye). The lamb was incredibly succulent, very tender and soft and served with the groundnut sauce (a spicy peanut sauce) it was the perfect addition to this dish.

Bambara bean stew (Aboiboi) with spiced plantain pancakes

Grilled lamb cutlets with spiced peanut sauce (Nkatenkwan) 

Rice and beans (Waakye)

Finally, the supper club ended with a delicious dessert, Chin Chin Banoffee Pie. Chin Chin is an African baked biscuit usually eaten as a snack however Zoe used this famous African biscuit as the base for the Banoffee Pie and it tasted delicious!

Chin Chin Banoffee Pie

Overall, I really enjoyed the food at Zoe's Ghana Kitchen. I was intrigued to see how Zoe would serve traditional West African food and I loved how creative she was with her dishes, like changing the way Okra is traditionally used and turning them into crispy Okra fries. It could easily have not worked, but it really does!  It was also refreshing to see nearly all the dishes on the menu were vegetarian, gluten free or both, proving that contemporary African food can be both tasty and healthy too.

Zoe (left) hard at work

Zoe’s way of serving traditional West African food with a contemporary twist is a great way to showcase just how delicious Ghanaian food is. So if you're looking to try some tasty Ghanaian favourites with a modern twist be sure to check out Zoe's Ghana Kitchen, you won't be disappointed.

Book tickets to the next supper club at Zoe's Ghana Kitchen here.

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