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Tuesday 22 September 2009

Run This Town SPOOF!

For those who haven't seen Run This Town yet by Jay Z featuring Rihanna and Kayne West I suggest that you do..otherwise you can not appreciate this spoof by comedian Affion Crockett. 

You might recognise him from Nick Cannon's Wild N Out show on MTV Base but this comedian has been around a lot longer than that - check him out on youtube he has a Making the Band spoof too - not sure if Diddy finds it as funny though! :-) 

Check it out...

I couldn't stop laughing at the Chris Brown and JayZ impressions - what a comical genuis!

Keisha Leaves/Gets Kicked out of Sugababes!

Keisha leaves/gets kicked out of the Sugababes

They were my favourite British girl group of 21st century growing up (after Destiny's Child of course!) I loved the way the trio were so unique in looks, singing and dancing abilities. Although they were as pop as you can get, they were always a lot more edgier/street/had more credibility than Girls Aloud and any other manufactured girl group of their time. 

Original line up of the Sugababes Mutya, Keisha and Siobhan


They had their fair share of tabloid gossip, and media lows. Formed in 1998, the first member to leave the band was Siobhan Donaghy soon after their first album was released and was replaced by Heidi Range.

2nd line up change.. Mutya, Heidi and Keisha

Years later Mutya left starting out again in the music industry as a solo artist and was replaced by Amelle Berrabah. Last week reports that Amelle had missed live performances as she was unhappy in the band because of Keisha's "bullying" had surfaced in the press. Keisha fought back on her Twitter page tweeting:-

"About me bullying Amelle, not being supportive, blah blah blah. I've let the papers tell lies about me when it comes to stories like that in the past, I've let members talk crap about me and tried to laugh it off because I know the truth, my friends, family and MOST of all GOD. But not anymore. I may come across as a hard nut sometimes, but I'm actually really sensitive and it destroys me to think that people today are going to read that and believe it."
3rd line up change Keisha, Amelle, Heidi
After that rumours went crazy that Amelle was being replaced by Eurovision song contest UK contester Jade Ewen. Then on the 22nd September Sugababes record label Island Records (under Universal) released this statement:- 

"The current line-up of the Sugababes has disbanded. Heidi Range and Amelle Berrabah will continue as the Sugababes and will be joined by new member Jade Ewen. They release their album Sweet 7 on the 23rd November through Island Records. Keisha Buchanan will continue to record for Island Records as a solo artist."

Heidi and Amelle will stay in the Sugababes

Hmmmm something smells fishy if you ask me! If anyone was going to be leaving wouldn't it have been Amelle? Speaking of quitting did Keisha really quit or was she kicked out of the Sugababes? Reading her response on Twitter doesn't make things any clearer...

"I've had a great time and have achieved more then I ever thought I would.. Although it was not my choice to leave, it's time to enter a new chapter in my life. Now I'm going to take some time to focus on me. I've been in this band for 11 years and I have achieved so much. This is not the end... but the beginning!!!!"

And to make the situation even more complex ex Sugababe Mutya also commented on the split on her Twitter:-

"It all started so innocently...a love for music and a dream...look what its become. RIP. I will say this publicly... shame on Heidi for not following Keisha out. But doesn't surprise me a bit."

New Sugababes - Amelle, Jade (middle) and Heidi

Wow rumours Keisha bullied Amelle, new member of Sugababe, Keisha walking out/kicked out, Mutya exposing Heidi on Twitter this is better than an episode of Making the Band/Maury Povich and Eastenders put together!!!

Can Keisha make it alone as a solo artist?

On a serious note, its a sad day for Sugababes. I never believed Keisha was a bully and so I truly wish Keisha the best in her solo career. With no original members of the band remaining, I very much doubt Sugababes can move on from this messy you? Thoughts!

PS I loved this song..oh what a shame!

Tyra is like us too!

Have you ever been asked a really awkward question. I mean, REALLY awkward?? 

Well if you have then you know exactly how Tyra felt when asked why former judges of America's Next Top Model have been bad mouthing her. I personally think she handled the situation very well - what do you think? Thoughts! 

London Fashion Week Parties

September is coming to an end, so that only means one thing - London Fashion Week! London Fashion Week hosts the best of British designers and their striking new styles presented on the British catwalk. 

All week all photographer's lens' have been on the front rows of each fashion show catching the celebrities. Yet let us not forget the after parties...where would London Fashion Week be without the parties that follow it...


Alexa Chung

Alexandra Burke

The Devil Wears Prada herself Anna Wintour

  And of course the troublesome party sisters Pixie and Peaches Geldof..Pixie looking particularly _____ (you fill in the blank!)

  Naomi and Kate (you know there Supermodels when its just Naomi and Kate no surnames required!) 

Pixie Geldof, Daisy Lowe and Alexa Chung

Naomi & Posh

Amber Rose before Kanye..

Amber Rose face of Boadicea The Victorious
Good news for Amber Rose, girlfriend of Kanye West. She has been picked as the new face of Boadicea The Victorious perfume by Michael Bodi. We've all seen the half naked butt pics of Amber Rose before she met Kanye so I won't bore you with those. What I will show you are the pics BEFORE even those naked pics just Amber Rose being well Amber Rose before Amber Rose Kanye's boyfriend or Amber Rose stripper...
Amber Rose in her first modelling pics

The Emmys 2009

If you're anything like me, the winners and losers of the Emmys isn't the highlight of the event it's when we get to see all the outfits beforehand - courtsey of E! channel's Ryan Seacrest of course!  

I was up late that Sunday night watching it and was I disappointed? Hell nah! The stars really did out-do themselves yet again. Not only did E! channel give us Ryan Seacrest, but there was also fashion reporting from Jay Alexander from America's Next Top Model and none other than my favourite "Real Housewife" of Atlanta Nene Leakes :-) She's so honest it makes such great TV.

So without further ado the best (and worst!) dressed stars that night - oh and the winners and losers of the Emmys 2009.
Cat Deeley - finally a Brit's style that I can be proud of! Cat's played it a little safe with beige coloured dress but the one shoulder detail stands out.

E! Channel's presenter Giuliana DePandi, erm did we catch you on your wedding day G? Nice dress but it is a bit too "father and the bride" if you know what I mean!

Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester looks sooo washed out in that harsh colour...and to top it off she wears postbox red lipstick! SMH She really should have gone for a soft pastel colour instead

Vanessa Williams steps out in this fabulous turquoise number - earrings are georgous too!

Kim Kardashian rocking the one-shoulder elegant gown we likes... especially hair and earrings compliment the outfit

Follow me if you can, ex of Britney Spears, (Kevin Federline) his ex, Shar Jackson...this outfit is tragic with a capital T

Gossip Girl's Blake Lively's dress is low cut, halterneck AND red AND i love it that she didn't play safe! 

Heidi & Seal - Heidi's dress really compliments her pregnant belly and Seal looks good too!

Wednesday 16 September 2009

Chris Brown Begins His Community Service

Chris Brown doing his community service
Chris Brown has begun his community service in, Virginia, his home town. As part of his sentence in February for assaulting his ex girlfriend, Rihanna, his duties include picking up rubbish along highways and roads, trimming hedges, removing gang graffiti from VCU vans and lorries and washing police cars. Sounds like a good punishment to me, Chris has taken responsibility for his actions...but do you think he, and other people who commit similar actrons, got off litghly and should have been given a prison sentence?? Thoughts! x

Tuesday 15 September 2009

Jordan speaks about her rape attack

Katie Price being interviewed on new tv show Live from Studio Five
As every Tom Dick and Harry plus their dog well know, Jordan and Peter have been having digs at each other in the press since they announced their split back in June. But now Jordan has revealed she was raped by a well-know celebrity. Two weeks ago she first claimed it was "more than once" when she was younger. She said: "A famous celebrity raped me and Peter knows who it was. It was years ago before I was with Pete, and my friends and family knew about it at the time." Speaking to OK! magazine, Katie said she had "no idea" why Pete would deny knowledge, adding: "He’s not the Pete I knew any more. He’s being really cruel when he knows exactly who did it"
Her claims have shocked Peter Andre who denies knowing anything about it. Hmmmm someone is telling BIG porkies in fact I can see their Pinocchio nose growing from here! What do you think?

Kanye's Apology

Kanye apologising on Jay Leno
Kanye turned up at Jay Leno show to perform his new song along with Jay Z and Rihanna, Run this Town. Of course Jay wasn't going to let him just come on the show without talking about THAT incident at the VMA's last night! Strangely enough I updated my facebook with the following comment about Kanye's outburst/temper tantrum/wrong moment to open his big mouth which was:- Aba says: I ♥ Kanye & all but dude has *issues* get counsellin luv we all kno yr not over yr mothers death..
So then it didn't surprise me watching this clip Kanye's apology... Check the video below to see it for yourself. So what do you think? Thoughts! x

Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze starring (in my opinion!) one of my favourite films, Ghost
Dirty Dancing star Patrick Swayze died last night losing his 20 month battle against cancer. He died peacefully surrounded by his family. Last night his publicist Annett Wolf released the following statement:- "Patrick Swayze passed away peacefully today with family at his side facing the challenges of his illness for the last 20 months." Though suffering with cancer, Patrick starred in TV drama The Beast and wrote an autobiography with his wife Lisa Niemi. Tributes have come flooding in from his co-stars and other celebrities including his biggest fan in the world one of my besties. As soon as I heard the news I thought of her :-( x Demi Moore tweeted, "Patrick you are loved by so many and your light will forever shine in all of our lives." Whoopi Goldberg: "Patrick was a really good man, a funny man and one to whom I owe much that I can't ever repay. I believe in Ghost's message, so he'll always be near." Rob Lowe: "Patrick lived a thousand lifetimes in one lifetime. He was an expert dancer, he wrote hit songs, he starred in hit movies, he was an amazing horseman. But the thing I will remember him most for was his amazing love affair with his wife Lisa." Lucia C: (my Sugababy and one his biggest fans like ever!) "RIP Patrick Swayze.Can't believe my lifelong dream is over!3.25am cut through me like a knife.You made me smile since I was a little girl - always could count on you to cheer me up.My tears for you know and always!" ♥ ♥ ♥ RIP Patrick xJustify Full

Monday 14 September 2009

Biggest Selling Albums of the Year ARE....

The numbers are in for the biggest selling albums of the year.

1# Taylor Swift Fearless 3.7 million

2# Michael Jackson #1's 3 million

3# Beyonce's I Am...Sasha Fierce 2.4 million

4# Twillight Soundtrack 2.2 million

Others on the list are Miley Cyrus 1.5 million copies of Breakout, Lady Gaga 1.4 million, Pink 1.3 million, Eminem 1.4 million, Britney Spears 1.6 million, Katy Perry 1.1 million, Kanye West 1.6 million, U2 1 million, Maxwell 750,000 copies.

Jordin Sparks (105,000 copies) and Kelly Clarkson (675,000) didnt do too well :-( oh well you know who to blame it on - the recession girls!

VMA Fashion - Who Looked Great..& a State!

So of course I couldn't blog about the VMA's without commenting on the fabulous and also freaking-awful fashion:- 
Pink & Shakira dressed in the same outfit.. I hope they are both planning on having words with their stylists because that's a straight sacking if that were moi!
Beyonce - Nice colour, nice cut a bit boring if you ask me. Oh and shoes are fierce Sasha!
Solange - Her new haircut is slowly growing on her no? Her black dress and shoes combo is a guareenteed but safe good look
Alexa Chung - I'm sorry but this is not a good look - its a glammy awards show not tea round your Nans. Alexa is NOT representing for UK fashion..I don't care if its a designer its hideous! In fact the only person she's representing is herself!
Katy Perry - I like Katy's unusual outfits like this sparkling number they always look good for award shows
Mr West & Amber Rose - Jeans & boots combo im feeling but the leather look not so much..& Amber's snakeskin all in one? SNM!
Gossip Girls' Leighton Meester - those heels are freeking awful but the metallic looking dress I love
Amerie - I love the colour but it's a very safe outfit wouldn't you say A?
JLo - The dress and shoes would've been fine on its own - so what possessed her to wear that awful 90s throwback front-twist velvet cardie?!? Yuck!
Lady Gaga - sooooo not a good look! Cassie - The dress is ok shoes are ok..still not feeling that damn haircut!
The Hills Lauren Conrad -shoes check dress check! simple but chic she always gets it right The City's Whitney Port - The dress is aiiiiight she should've worn open toe boot though :-p
So what do you think? Who was best and worst dressed?

Kanye Stole the VMA show..

Kanye & Taylor
So if you didn't already know, Kanye stole the show at the MTV Video Music Awards..yet again! As Country singer Taylor Swift was accepting her award for Best Female Video, Kanye ran on stage and said; "Yo Taylor. I’m really happy for you. I’m gonna let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!" Asked what happened at the MTV Press conference Taylor said:"I was standing on stage and I was really excited because I had just won an award and then I was really excited because Kanye West was on the stage. And then I wasn't so excited anymore after that... I don't know him and I don't want to start anything. I had a great night tonight. It's definitely been an interesting night." Good idea - no. Honest kinda! Taylor's video was something Avril did back in 2005 compared to Beyonce's Single Ladies video that has become a like a cult following on youtube with everyone posting their own attempts. However....Kanye there are millions of people with no media training (something he quoted that he has never had) and even they would know you don't steal someone's thunder like that. Everyone is describing Beyonce's idea to bring Taylor up on stage when she won an award for Best Video of the Year as "classy." I think that was the least Beyonce could do to show she had no involvement at Kanye's stupid behaviour! Check the video below to see for yourself... So what did you think of Kanye's outburst??? Here is what the celebs were writing on Twitter... Pink: Kanye west is the biggest piece of shit on earth. Quote me. Spencer Pratt: Let's be very clear King Spencer would never do anything like what Kayne just did to a sweet soul like Taylor! heidimontag: congrats @taylorswift13 on your vma!!! you deserve it more than anyone!! I saw the devil in action when kanye west stole your mic! u rock!!! adamlambert: Kanye needs to chill. He freaks out every year. It ain't that deep man. JoelMadden: WOW Taylor Swift's first VMA and she didn't even get to ENJOY it. Kanye You were just a bully on that one man. therealpickler:Tator Tot, you handled yourself with Grace. Kanye, go grow some f-ing balls bitch! don't mess w/my lil sis!! KellyClarkson official blog: "Dear Kanye, What happened to you as a child?? Did you not get hugged enough?? Something must have happened to make you this way and I think we’re all just curious as to what would make a grown man go on national television and make a talented artist, let alone teenager, feel like shit. I mean, I’ve seen you do some pretty shitty things, but you just keep amazing me with your tactless, asshole ways." Oh gosh! Thoughts!
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