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Tuesday 31 August 2010

Outfit of the Day Marbella, Spain

 Partying the night away ♥

I visited Marbella later in the Summer so it was a lot cooler. My hotel, PYR, is in the town of Puerto Banus, Marbella. Its a great location, within a ten minute walk to all the bars, clubs and beaches.  But the best bit was the FABULOUS market I found only a minute away from my hotel. It had everything a fashionista could dream of...

Leopard print fur jacket ♥

 More fur jackets

 Jewellery galore

 Leather wallets...

Me & my girls on our way out sightseeing
(me) Top - Missguided
Denim Shorts - Boohoo
The night life was fab. My favourite beach was Plaza Beach, great service and great vibes! The best clubs were definately Pangea and Funky Buddha. If you're visiting Marbella then make sure you stop by these clubs!

 Dress - Asos / Motel
Shoes - Tesco

Dress - New Look 

Dress - Missguided

Me & the girls on one of our nights in Marbella, 2010

Outfit of the Day AndaLucia, Spain

Despite today being the official last day of Summer, I can honestly say I am not saddened by this.

Why? Because this has been one of the best Summers I can remember! I was lucky enough to visit Spain twice this Summer.  I spent two weeks in Andalucia in mid July and then Marbella for a short weekend at the end of August.

My first holiday in Andalucia was with my boyfriend, the weather was extremely hot reaching up to 40degrees on most days. It was the ideal weather for maxi dresses so as you can imagine, I was thrilled!

 Dress - Primark

Dress- Boutique

 Hat -
Bag -
Earrings - Primark 

In this picture, I visited one of the most famous attractions in the world, Alhambra and Generalife Gardens.  It was absolutely breathtaking and would highly recommend going!

Alhambra, Andalucia

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Gilgamesh Restaurant

Gilgamesh Restaurant

If you're looking for a stylish, luxurious place to eat delicious Asian food then head to Gilgamesh restaurant.

Based in Camden, North London, the resturant provides pan-Asian food with a varied menu that offers 30 different sakes, such as red thai duck curry, crispy shredded smoked chicken and a great choice of vegetrian dishes for the customer to choose from.

 Starters & desert...yum!

The food is yummy but its the restuarant that takes your breath away.  It cost £16m to build, has a 40ft-high ceiling with a retractable roof, a bar AND lounge that can seat 520 people. Impressive? Wait to you see it for yourselves! 

Me & friends ready to taste the delights of Gilgamesh menu!
I visited Gilgamesh with friends and we were lucky enough to be seated in, my opinion, the best seats. I was really impressed with the service, fast and polite and of course the food was divine! Would highly recommend this restaurant, its great for any occasions with a group of friends, work colleagues or even something more intimate like a dinner for two.


If you would like to book a table at Gilgamesh visit their website here.

Monday 9 August 2010

Marc Jacob's Plus Size Range!

 Robert Duffy & Marc Jacobs 

Marc Jacobs announced of his plans to design a plus size range for his collection.

President of Marc Jacobs label and Jacob's business partner, Robert Duffy, is said to be considering introducing a plus-size line, which currently stocks up to a size 16.

He tweeted: "I'm a big guy 6'4" 210 lbs. [It's] not easy for me to find clothes..Of course I can have them made. I know how everyone feels. I try to diet but... I don't like the phrase plus-sizes. Any suggestions?"

 Skinny models used for Marc's Spring 2010 show in New York

He added, "Want to do plus sizes. Great opportunity. Need to get the customers interested. They don't buy our 14 and 16's. I always get stuck with them." He added: "Interest in Plus sizes? Women are dying for fashion. Need to get the message out. But when we put 14 and 16 in the stores no takers.Stopped."

Jacobs is definately not afraid to branch out from traditional fashion. He recently started a childrenswear line, Little Marc Jacobs, dog accessories, Bark Jacobs and during New York Fashion Week he will launch a bookshop, Book Marc. 

Though a plus size range for a designer  brand is certainly breaking the rules of fashion.  The fashion industry is notorious in its stance to only use skinny models, despite media criticism.  Most designer lables do not make any clothing above a size 14, with the usual excuse by designers that it is "harder to create clothing for larger women".

And there was me thinking all you had to do was request more material...(!)

Celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham at Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 fashion show

Duffy's response by his followers reactions on Twitter was: "Your right. We gotta do larger sizes. I'm with you," he tweeted. "As soon as I get back to NY. I'm on it! It will take me about a year. But stay with us. Problem solving is a big part of our job."

Though if the plus size range proves a success, it may encourage all fashion designers to follow suit and who knows - perhaps the battle of bigger models will finally be won and we see models of all shapes and sizes on the catwalk...♥

Friday 6 August 2010

Naomi Campbell, Blood diamonds and the Liberian Leader

Naomi Campbell on trial

Supermodel, Naomi Campbell was summoned to court yesterday to testify over allegations she received “blood” diamonds from the ex Liberian Leader, Charles Taylor.

She claimed she no longer had them and they were donated to a charity run by former head, Mr Ractliffe. Though it was only today that Mr Ractliffe admitted he has been the owner of these “blood” diamonds for several years.

To sum up the story so far, it is alleged the British model received these diamonds from Charles in 1997 during a dinner party which she and the former Liberian leader attended hosted by Nelson Mandela.

Naomi said she was woken by two strangers in the middle of the night and given a pouch containing stones. She didn’t examine it until the next morning at breakfast with her ex agent, Carole White and the actress Mia Farrow.

The infamous dinner party hosted by Nelson Mandela

She admitted that the diamonds actually looked like “dirty rocks” rather than the diamonds she was used to receiving in a box, as these “rocks” were in a cloth pouch.

Naomi told the court that she handed the gems to a colleague and told him to “do something good with them”. She said she had wanted them to be donated to a charity. Naomi claimed that the diamonds were donated to Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund and given to the fund’s former head, Mr Ractliffe. The court was shown documents from the fund "categorically" stating that the charity had not received the diamonds, although records showed Campbell made cash donations to it in 1997 and 1998.

Yesterday a letter was presented in court by the defence from Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund said it had never received a diamond or diamonds from Ms Campbell or anyone else.

“The point I need to communicate today, on behalf of the board of trustees, is that the Nelson Mandela Children's Fund is not in receipt or possession of a diamond,” spokesman Oupa Ngwenya said.

Jeremy Ractlilffe (l) and Naomi Campbell (r)

However SHOCKINGLY Mr Ractliffe has said he did in fact receive uncut diamonds from Naomi Campbell. He issued a statement after her testimony at the trial. Mr Ractliffe said he was happy to testify at the trial and had now handed the stones over to the authorities.

“Three small uncut diamonds were given to me by Naomi Campbell on the Blue Train on 26 September 1997,” he said in a statement sent to the BBC.

Mr Ractliffe, who is still a trustee of the fund, said he took the diamonds as he thought it might be illegal for her to take them out of the country. “In the end I decided I should just keep them,” he said.

So how did this story come to light? Actress, Mia Farrow started the allegations Naomi had these uncut “blood” diamonds, which will be used as evidence in Charles Taylor’s war crime trial. She claims Naomi had told her the “unforgettable story” about the gift over breakfast the next day.

Charles Taylor on trial

“She told us she had been awakened in the night by knocking at her door. She opened the door to find two or three men - I do not recall how many - who presented her with a large diamond which they said was from Charles Taylor,” Mia Farrow said.

She and Naomi’s ex agent Carole White will testify next week…and the plot thickens!

Wednesday 4 August 2010

Vaseline Celebrates 140 years!

  Limited edition Vaseline pot

The cult beauty classic, Vaseline, celebrates its 140th birthday this year, with a Swarovski crystal-coated limited edition packaging.  We like!

My Mummy dearest swears by it, and apparently so did Marilyn Monroe who used it as a moisturiser.  It is possibly the most versatile beauty product on the shelfs and can be used for anything from removing mascara and eyeliner to "holding" eyebrows in shape.  But the most important? Glossing those lips!

Every human being should own a tub of vaseline..It's essential!

So pucker up ladies (and gents), and be the first to own the limited edition crystal-coated packaging.  For just £1.12 for a 50ml pot, you can work wonders with this beauty favourite. So what are you waiting for?

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