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Thursday 22 September 2011

Made In Chelsea - UK's version of the Hills??

 Made in Chelsea cast

Now the Hills is over, I need another group of  rich, beautiful, and spoilt, twenty-something group of people to watch!

Introducing, Made In Chelsea the Channel 4 reality TV soap.  Set in the wealthy area of Chelsea, the show follows a group of friends in their complicated world of relationships, friendships and non-stop partying. Ah - what a life!  

 New characters are set to join season 2

Not all the champagne-swigging socialites are likeable  though and it takes a few episodes for the "characters" to warm up to the cameras. But when they do, they are absolutely hilarious! My favourites are definitely the trio of best friends, Ollie, Binky and Cheska.  Cool, laid back and always up for a laugh.  Perhaps the others should take a leaf out of their books and not try too hard?  Some of the cheesy one liners, try hard outfits and over the top behaviour comes across really badly on camera.


 Cheska (l) and Binky (r)

So is this show set to be the UK version of the Hills? In my opinion, not quite, or rather, not yet. It's still only season 2 and remember, it took a couple of seasons for the Hills to really kick off. 

I found this video of one of the girls, Milly, talking about her favourite outfits..for her dog! The funniest part is when her pugs are wearing matching scarfs and pearl earrings. Only in Chelsea!

Season 2 of Made in Chelsea is now showing on Channel 4.

Wednesday 14 September 2011

Miss Angola crowned as Miss Universe

 Miss Angola crowned as Miss Universe

Miss Angola, Leila Lopes, was crowned Miss Universe in Brazil at the 60th annual pageant in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The 25 year old business student from the town of Benguela told reporters that she believed her smile had been the key to her victory and that her friends had always told her that her smile was able to "motivate people".

 Leila wowed the judges in this evening gown

My favourite quote from Leila was when the judges asked her what, if anything, she would ever change about herself.  Leila said, "Thank God I'm very satisfied with the way God created me and I wouldn't change a thing."  What a great answer!

Leila will go on to serve as a world ambassador and raise awareness of the fight against Aids and poverty.

Kate Moss & Celebs Celebrate Stella McCartney's 40th!

 Stella arriving at her birthday party last night

Fashion designer Stella McCartney celebrated her 40th birthday last night with a load of her celeb friends and of course her dad, Paul McCartney.

Kate Moss, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jamie Winstone and others helped the designer celebrate in style.

Kate Moss arrived in a strapless black jumpsuit with a bow across her chest carrying a sparkly grey oversized clutch bag.

Kate Moss

The birthday girl wore a very fancy sparkly blue dress and opened toe black heels. I loved the detail of the back of her dress, especially the simple 'V' section. 
Stella McCartney 

Kate Hudson
What an incredible dress Kate Hudson wore?!The elegant gown is by Elie Saab and Jimmy Choo heels - probably my favourite outfit of the night.

Beyonce and Solange at New York Fashion Week

 Beyonce and Solange pose for pictures at J Crew show

Sisters Beyonce and Solange were turned up at J Crew show at New York fashion week yesterday.

Beyonce, who recently announced she was pregnant, looked radiant in a gold sparkly dress and beige peep toe heels.
Solange, who has been spotted at several catwalk shows this week, looked stunning in a pretty pink sateen halterneck, printed purple and gold trouser and gold strappy heels. 

 Beyonce and Solange in the front row

Beyonce later changed into a nude strapless dress for the Vera Wang catwalk show - check out her shoes cute!

Beyonce changes outfit for the next show..that's my girl!;-)

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Westfield Stratford Opens!

 Westfield Stratford opening today!

Westfield Stratford shopping centre officially opened as Europe's largest urban shopping centre today.

Launched by US X-factor judge, Nicole Scherzinger, thousands of people queued up to snap up the special offers and discounts offered by many of the shops.

 Nicole Scherzinger

 Nicole performing

The 1.45bn complex houses more than 300 shops for customers to select from. And just in case a customer changes their mind, they can choose from the 70 restaurants, 14 screen cinema, three hotels, bowling alley and the UK's largest casino to visit.
  Nicole Scherzinger

 Kelly Brook 

Pixie Geldof

This shopping centre will also provide the main access to the Olympic park for the 2012 games as well as 8,500 permanent jobs which will be created by the retail sector.  

For anyone who didn't get a ticket for the Olympics, on the days of the Olympic games, large screens will broadcast the main sporting events.

I can't wait to visit the complex. The excitement of the officially opening of the shopping centre on Twitter was incredible and from the tweets and pictures people had posted, the complex looks amazing.  I hope with this investment in Stratford, will focus the world's attention on what was this once a forgotten area of London and become one of London's top visitor and and leisure destinations. 

Victoria Beckham New Collection

 A dress Victoria wore out in New York from her new collection

I was eager to see Posh Spice's new collection, Victoria by Victoria Beckham, which she gave audience's a sneak preview at a private press show.

The new range will  be sold at a lower price than her existing collection.  Dresses range from £375 to £995.

  My favourites from the collection

The stand out pieces were the bubble-hem dress she wore out with her daughter, Harper, and also the cat shift drop waist dresses.  

I liked the way all the dresses fall down just above the knee.  But although the drop waist style look great on the models, I'm still uncertain whether this type of style would be flattering on curvy woman's figure.  Victoria's dresses have been very popular with the stars, so it will be interesting to see what celebs decide to wear her new collection this time round...

Monday 12 September 2011

Decorating your home on a budget

 Decoration ideas for the home

Colour schemes, flooring guides, wallpaper, blinds or curtains, sash window, gardening..the list goes on.

Who would have thought decorating a room would be so...time consuming?! Never mind an entire house!  As I start a project decorating my home I will share all my tips, tricks, ideas and show you how I will be decorating my new home on a budget. 

 Decoration ideas for student accommodation

So let's start with all the students who are starting at Uni now or in October.  Take a look at this feature article I wrote for my University magazine on how to decorate your student room on a budget. Although I wrote it a few years ago, the same rules still apply for cheap decorating ideas for your student accomodation which can seem so dull, cold and small. Please send me any tips you have too!

Outfit of the day - Engagement

 Cardigan - Primark
Top - H&M
Leggings - H&M
Shoes - Primark
Bag - New Look
Engagement ring - Ask the hubby-to-be! ;-)

Last weekend I went for dinner and cocktails to celebrate my engagement (woohoo!) with my sisters and mum. 

Unfortunately we were missing one more person, my sister who lives in New York.  I can't wait until December when she returns for the Christmas holidays so we can really go out and celebrate altogether. 

But in the meantime, I will continue to keep dining out in fab restaurants (Thai Square in Putney - fantastic!) and sipping on yummy cocktails until she arrives!   


New York Fashion Week Spring 2012

  My two favourite ladies, Nicki Minaj and Anna Wintour at New York fashion week!

It's spot the celeb at New York Fashion Week as stars flock to the catwalks to see the designers showcase their latest collections.

Fashion week isn't just about fashion - or didn't you know?  It's about celebs wearing the best outfits and of course getting front row seats - beside Ms Anna Wintour if you're really lucky!

So when I saw this photo of Nicki Minaj, in her lime green fishnets, orange tennis skirt and sweetie inspired top smiling and chatting with Anna Wintour I couldn't help but giggle - I would've LOVED to be a fly on the wall for that conversation!

Nicki Minaj and Anna Wintour discussing designs on the catwalk

So here are my favourite outfits of New York fashion week so far...

 Solange Knowles

 Alexa Chung

Lindsay Lohan

 Lisa Roe

 Whitney Port

  Angela Simmons

Rihanna Loves Leather Trousers!

 Rihanna spotted in leather trousers during the day

Rihanna was spotted out and about in New York yesterday wearing these leather trousers looking simple yet chic.

She teamed in checked black and white heels and a simple sweater, black shades and a gold necklace.

Then later that evening she was seen in brown leather trousers and a grey top, obviously a fan of leather!

 Rihanna leaving her hotel last night

Rihanna has been chosen as the new face of Armani Jeans campaign. I'm not sure about the blonde wig, but I love the jeans and pose beside the car. 

 Rihanna in new Armani Jeans campaign

I can't wait to see RiRi in concert in a couple of weeks time...roll on October!

Tuesday 6 September 2011

Alexa Chung Harper Bazaar Shoot

 Alexa gracing the front cover of Harper's Bazaar

Alexa Chung is known for her fab style but even she gets bored of certain trends as she reveals in her latest interview.

 Alexa in red Lavin dress

The style queen admitted she fell out of love with the trend that made her most famous, Sixties trademarks, smock dresses, flat shoes and brogues.  But don't fret! She is ready to claim the Sixties style back and did this photoshoot to prove she hasn't totally fallen out of love with smock dresses just yet...

 Alexa in a blue Burberry dress, ♥ the patent loafers too!

 Alexa in red Prada coat..and it's those cute loafers again!

 Alexa in chiffon Stella McCartney dress

Kelis at Genes for Jeans Charity Event

 Kelis at Genes for Jeans charity party

Singer Kelis was spotted at the Genes for Jeans charity event in Soho last night.

 Kelis - how cute does her hair look?!

As usual, Kelis was wearing only an outfit she could pull off. I loved the multi-coloured embroidered jacket and the chandelier earrings.  The leather laced up trousers goes well with the black and white shirt, and check out her studded boots! 

Adele covers October UK Vogue

 Adele covers UK Vogue!

Soul singer Adele posed for Vogue's October cover and candidly talks about the media's obsession with women and weight.

The 23 year old said: "I enjoy being me, I always have done.  I've seen people where it rules their lives, you know, who want to be thinner or have bigger boobs and how it wears them down.  And I just don't want that in my life."

 Adele embraces her fuller figure

She said: "I don’t want to see me plastered everywhere..if they offered me £10million, I’d be like f*** off. Besides if I was going to be the face of anything it should be the face of full-fat coke."

How refreshing to see photos of a celebrity that isn't stick thin, happy with their weight and still beautiful.  It is so tiring seeing the same images of unhealthy looking models in magazines. 

 Adele in October's Vogue issue

In an industry where being size 0 and looking gaunt is celebrated and not discouraged, I think Adele is a great role model for women. We all have insecurities, even Adele, as she mentions in her Vogue interview. But she still ensures she maintains a positive self-image.  She said: "I have insecurities of course, but I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me."

Vogue definitely deserve credit for making Adele their cover model. Let's hope they continue this trend and we see more healthy looking celebrities and model gracing the front covers of high fashion magazines.
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