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Thursday 22 September 2011

Made In Chelsea - UK's version of the Hills??

 Made in Chelsea cast

Now the Hills is over, I need another group of  rich, beautiful, and spoilt, twenty-something group of people to watch!

Introducing, Made In Chelsea the Channel 4 reality TV soap.  Set in the wealthy area of Chelsea, the show follows a group of friends in their complicated world of relationships, friendships and non-stop partying. Ah - what a life!  

 New characters are set to join season 2

Not all the champagne-swigging socialites are likeable  though and it takes a few episodes for the "characters" to warm up to the cameras. But when they do, they are absolutely hilarious! My favourites are definitely the trio of best friends, Ollie, Binky and Cheska.  Cool, laid back and always up for a laugh.  Perhaps the others should take a leaf out of their books and not try too hard?  Some of the cheesy one liners, try hard outfits and over the top behaviour comes across really badly on camera.


 Cheska (l) and Binky (r)

So is this show set to be the UK version of the Hills? In my opinion, not quite, or rather, not yet. It's still only season 2 and remember, it took a couple of seasons for the Hills to really kick off. 

I found this video of one of the girls, Milly, talking about her favourite outfits..for her dog! The funniest part is when her pugs are wearing matching scarfs and pearl earrings. Only in Chelsea!

Season 2 of Made in Chelsea is now showing on Channel 4.


Kylie said...

I bloody love this show, which is strange as I couldn't get into TOWIE. Hope your wedding arrangements are going well xx

DoYouNoah said...

Yes I love it too, so addictive! Wedding arrangements are going well booked some venues to visit next weekend!x

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