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Wednesday 14 September 2011

Miss Angola crowned as Miss Universe

 Miss Angola crowned as Miss Universe

Miss Angola, Leila Lopes, was crowned Miss Universe in Brazil at the 60th annual pageant in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The 25 year old business student from the town of Benguela told reporters that she believed her smile had been the key to her victory and that her friends had always told her that her smile was able to "motivate people".

 Leila wowed the judges in this evening gown

My favourite quote from Leila was when the judges asked her what, if anything, she would ever change about herself.  Leila said, "Thank God I'm very satisfied with the way God created me and I wouldn't change a thing."  What a great answer!

Leila will go on to serve as a world ambassador and raise awareness of the fight against Aids and poverty.

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