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Sunday 24 April 2016

Project B Pregnancy Box Review - Month 7

Inside my Project B pregnancy box

Who doesn't love getting parcels through the post? It certainly makes a nice change than receiving bills or junk mail!

Since the launch of subscription beauty boxes a few years ago, the concept of receiving a box of products in the post has grown in popularity.  These days subscription boxes are not just aimed at the beauty industry; food boxes are also popular and now you can receive pregnancy and baby boxes for the parenting market too.

Project B Box

I was really excited to review a pregnancy box by Project-B. It is a monthly subscription box of wellbeing goodies designed to nurture mothers-to-be through their pregnancy journey. Working with some of the UK’s leading mother and baby brands and industry experts, each Project-B box is tailored to a specific month of pregnancy with handy products, useful tips and information for expectant mummys.  

I love how Project B’s subscription box is all about making sure that the mothers-to-be takes some time for herself. In this month’s subscription box, month 7, the theme is “relax”, designed to encourage periods of rest and induce feelings of relaxation during pregnancy. I couldn't think of a better time to start my subscription with Project-B as now I’m in the third trimester, finding ways and methods to relax is exactly what I need!

This month’s box includes a hypnobirthing book, alcohol free wine, special offer on a children’s décor and toy website, feeding cup and a beauty balm.  Some of my favourite items include the following:

"Why Hypnobirthing Matters" by Katrina Berry

Why Hypnobirthing Matters by Katrina Berry
Hypnobirthing is a method of birth preparation using a series of simple but effective techniques that can facilitate a calm and natural birth. In this book, Why Hypnobirthing Matters, author Katrina Berry looks at the origins and rationale for using hypnosis for childbirth.  If you’re looking for bite-sized information on hypnobirthing, this is a great little book as it explains what you can expect from hypnobirthing and dispels the common misunderstandings, all in a lively informative way. As let’s face it, anything with humour makes things much easier to deal with especially when it comes to pregnancy and labour!

Eisberg alcohol-free wine

Eisberg alcohol-free wine
When I saw that Eisberg alcohol free wine was included in this month’s box I was thrilled! Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean boring soft drinks are the only beverages on offer when you’re out and about. Eisberg is made in the same way as your favourite wine, the alcohol in Eisberg is gently removed using one of the world’s most advanced techniques to ensure that the original flavours of the wine are kept in tact. The result? Alcohol free wine containing less than 0.005% alcohol, 34 calories per 125ml glass and the real flavour of the wine taste that you know and love! Best of all, Eisberg is available in Chardonnay, Riesling, Rose and Cabernet Sauvignon so there’s a range of choice on offer.

Dr. Lipp’s “Original nipple balm for lips”
Dr Lipp’s Original Nipple Balm for Lips is a 100% natural miracle balm. A favourite with celebrity make up artists, nursing mothers and pharmacologists, this balm for lips is best used every day for soft glossy lips or as a treatment for dry, rough, sore or itchy skin.

Ivy Cabin website offer

Ivy Cabin special offer
Ivy Cabin is a new online store selling quality toys, décor and accessories for children. Their concept is simple, they want to showcase only the best products making online shopping experience as enjoyable and exciting as possible. In this month’s box, you get 10% off your order.

Useful tips and advice from industry experts
As well as all these fab products, this month’s box also includes information from industry expert’s who give useful and independent tips and advice on pregnancy. This month, midwife and health professional Nikki Holdsworth offers advice on eating well with recipes on how to cook chicken nuggets with an option for vegetarians too. There is information on what to expect from month 7 of pregnancy (weeks 25-29), tips on staying active by taking up yoga and other forms of relaxation techniques and what to buy for baby.

You can buy Project-B box as a one off gift, £14.99 or have it as a regular treat and sign up for a subscription, £14.99 per month. Mums-to-be can join the service at any point during their pregnancy and you only pay for the boxes you receive.

I loved receiving my box and looking forward to what surprises will be in next month’s box too.  To find out more about Project B, or to subscribe yourself or for a friend click here. To visit their website

*Disclaimer: The products featured were gifted to me for review however all words and opinions are my own*

Sunday 10 April 2016

Pregnancy journal review

Pregnancy journal - BaeTheLabel
Polaroid camera - Amazon
Plant - Gift

A few months ago I came across a beautiful pregnancy journal from Australian store Bae The Label.

The stylish pregnancy journal is a great way to document your journey and store all your keepsakes like ultrasound photos and week by week bump pics which I have been doing using polaroid images as they're the perfect fit for the journal.

The journal is a compact in size and small enough to go in your handbag (12.5cm x 18.5cm) but sturdy with a vinyl hard cover and a ribbon bookmark.

The modern design is the biggest draw for this pregnancy journal.  Unlike some pregnancy journals with baby pink and blue pastel colours, the beautiful black and white striped cover with gold text really sets it apart.   The 110 interior pages are beautiful as well, containing a weekly diary of your entire pregnancy from week one, all the way up to week 40. 

What I love best about the journal is its inspirational quotes and light-hearted and fun writing prompts like: "The ultrasound shows it's a...", "Hooray, half way!" or "You move the most at..." I also love how each week, you get a sense of your baby's approximate length and weight from conception to birth with comparisons to fruit and vegetables. For example, at 27 weeks, your baby is the size of a cauliflower - really sweet!

This pregnancy journal is a true, modern keepsake and an ideal gift for mothers-to-be. It's lovely reading through the journal and reflecting on my pregnancy journey so far and I would definitely recommend to other first time mothers too!

Bae The Label ships worldwide - buy your pregnancy journal here.

Easter Break in Provence & Maternity Swimwear

Easter break in Provence

The first day back from Easter holidays is always a bit glum, especially when you've spent the last two weeks in the sunny South of France and return to cold and wet London.

It was lovely to get away, visit family, relax beside the pool and of course indulge in lots of easter eggs too! 

With temperatures reaching up to 22 degrees in Provence, it was time to update my spring wardrobe but this time I was on the hunt for maternity wear. I needed the perfect swimsuit that was both stylish and would compliment by bump and I came across this fab maternity swimsuit from ASOS by Mama.Licious.

Maternity swimwear - ASOS
Maternity shorts - Old Navy
Hat - New Look

Who says swimwear has to be boring when you're pregnant? Not me! I loved this playful black and white geo print which is super flattering for mums-to-be. Plus most importantly, it's very comfortable too, with an empire line tie and stylish cut out back.  

If you're after more styles in different colours, then I'd recommend checking out the ASOS maternity collection - they have a wide range of maternity swimwear that's both stylish and comfortable and purse friendly too!

Remescar Silicone Stretch Marks Scar Cream Review

Remescar Silicone Stretch Marks Scar Cream 

For many women, stretchmarks are part of being pregnant and it’s inevitable at some point before, during or after your pregnancy, you’ll get them. Even though we’re told to love our flaws, stretchmarks are not pretty!

When you think about how quickly your skin expands during pregnancy, it’s not surprising that most of us get stretch marks. They can appear anywhere on your body but during pregnancy they usually appear on your tummy, upper thighs and breasts as your pregnancy progresses.

Using a good stretchmark cream during your pregnancy will help prevent too many appearing, and after pregnancy they will help your skin repair and heal. Which is why I was keen to try Remescar Silicone Stretch Marks Scar Cream.

Remescar is a light scar and stretch mark cream that's silicone based which improves and corrects all types of stretch marks. According to a clinical study, it showed that it reduces up to 50% of stretch marks severity on stomach, hips and legs in just 28 days*. 

I've been using Remescar for a few weeks and following the instructions, I applied after bathing to dry skin and massaged the cream in until it completely absorbed, twice a day. I made sure not to rub it too hard as this does not increase the effectiveness.

The cream is white coloured with a soft texture and absorbs into the skin very smoothly. I love how it rubs in and blends well so you aren’t left with those white cream marks you get when a product doesn’t rub in smoothly. This can be incredibly annoying, especially on dark skin. The cream dries quickly leaving my skin feeling soft and moisturised and not too sticky and greasy unlike some thicker based creams.  The scent is clean and fresh too, so not too overwhelming, and stays on the skin for some time after application.

So does it prevent stretch marks? It’s hard to tell! Remescar is best used twice a day for 2 to 3 months and as a preventive measure mothers to be are asked to use from the second month of pregnancy, or on existing stretchmarks for 3 months.

I’ve been using Remescar cream for just over three weeks, so clearly not long enough to see the results - yet. But so far my skin looks and feels moisturised so I would agree with it’s description, that is moisturises the skin, but as far as a decrease in the severity of stretchmarks, only time will tell.

In my opinion, the Remescar stretch mark cream is worth buying for first time mums, like me, who want to protect their skin during pregnancy.  This would also be a great product to give to an expectant mother to rub on their bump as it is full of natural and organic ingredients, smells good and moisturises the skin well.

You can buy Remescar from Boots here.

*The most frequent score, based on the global evaluation of the panel according to a clinical 4-point scoring assessment of number, size and colour. For more information read here
**Disclaimer: The products featured were gifted to me for review however all words and opinions are my own*

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