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Thursday 25 December 2008

Merry Xmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy one of the best days of the year; spending time with your family, loved ones, presents galore, food and most importantly Eastenders Xmas special!!! ;-) Well I'm off to start my Christmas dinner and whilst everyone has rushed to open their presents in the morning, in the usual Aba tradition, i'm saving my present opening until the know how we do! Toodles! x

Thursday 18 December 2008


Don't be a dummy and buy xmas gifts at full what I do and wait until the sales kick in and that's usually from today! Check out the best sales below...
Ikea - Sale starts 18th December
New Look - Sale starts 22nd December
Oasis - Sale on NOW!
Peacocks - 50% off party wear
Benefit - 10% off when you buy 3 items
Barratts - 20% off online
Will keep this blog constantly hurry up and get those sale items before I do!
Toodles x

Tuesday 16 December 2008

Throw Back Track of the Week!

House Party is not only of my favourite films but also one of the best films ever. There is one song from the film that always makes me wanna buss a move Kid n Play stylee (and trust me I'm not the kinda girl that does that often!) So being the generous blogger I am I will share one of the BIGGEST party tunes ever - by the super producers/vocalists tht are Full Force - Ain't My Type of Hype. Full Force have worked with loads of artists such as The Backstreet Boys, The Black Eyed Peas and Britney Spears, Bob Dylan and James Brown. Don't let anyone tell you I don't let you know about the best old skool tunes! ;-) Enjoy! For the Full Force video click the link below:- Other bits:

George Bush Shoe Attack

It was going to happen sooner rather than later. I'm just surprised it was a journalist at a press conference who did it and not a random on the street. (see our very own John Prescot) And the media says you need to watch out for hoodies, ASBO's and other stereotypical members of the public who attack, rob and steal from us. If you didn't know, let me enlighten you. On the 14th December 2008 in a press conference in Iraq, US President (but not for long!) George Bush was attacked by an Iraqi journalist who threw his pair of shoes at him. One after the other. True stories. :-) Looking back now isn't it always ALWAYS the people you least expect? Remember John Prescot who delivered THAT right hook to a random man at a protest? Innocent man if I might add. Poor sod. (Although I can't help but giggle when I watch it again on youtube..the old boy did good!!!) Just because I'm on a roll... :-)

"Miami" Beach Party

Never in my life have I felt so conned, cheated and lied to. No, I didn't get conned into buying a fake Chanel 2.5 bag nor did I mistake £10.00 for £100.00 credit in my account. (Both of these incidents did actually occur believe it or not). It was worse that that. In fact, as I type this blog I feel a shudder run deep down my spine. When I was forwarded an invitation (from my beloved facebook) of the Miami Beach Party I signed up. On the run up to the event Kiss and Choice FM were equally advertising the event like no man's business. Every advert and every plug was for the "biggest, baddest beach party you're ever going to attend" or some cringeworthy cheesy lyrics along the lines of that. Every five minutes Miami Beach Party get your tickets!!! Miami Beach Party get your tickets before they run out!!! Miami Beach Party get your bikinis and shorts ready!!! Mainly in association with Kiss FM, The Miami Beach Party held in North London's Alexandra Palace, was meant to be the "largest EVER indoor beach event" hmmm I wasn't so sure when I stepped into the hall. There were two large sandpits and in the centre was the DJ with all the ravers..a mere 400 of them. Even though surprisingly I received a facebook message that stated up to 3,000 guests arrived...erm...are you sure?! Ticket buyers were promised:- "Stylish Summer Wear" and instead we got "Sleazy Slutty Wear" and that's by the people who made the effort! Several of the guys still had their leather jackets, hats and scarfs on. And no they were not the only people who were feeling rather chilly, in what was meant to be "28 degrees of heat". Are you noticing a pattern here?? Think someone has taken the little white lie thing a bit too far. The biggest disappointment wasn't the lack of plastic palm trees or the lack of people or the fact that the only way to buy drinks was to exchange money for "tokens" (which in itself was a big palarva). The main disappointment? Jay Sean, chart-topping RnB artist, didn't turn up. Don't get me wrong, I am not his biggest fan, but if I was I wouldn't exactly be thrilled at his no show, would you? What made up for the lack of innovation and atmosphere of the most hyped up events of the season get was that the line up who did turn up (Shortee Blitz, Masterstepz and Donaeo) did their part well the crowd went crazy! Would I go again? Would you stab yourself in the eye a second time? Well there is your answer. I couldn't end this magnificent blog without showing you the best (and worst) offenders of beachwear. It's beyond beggar's belief that ladies dress up in the most BIZZARE outfits. If they wanted that kind of attention they should give my main man Maury a call. He'll hook 'em up! But on a serious note - what kind of person would I be if I didn't show my praise and offer my advice tips for people?! :-) Enjoy!
Simple polka dot playsuit never fails and cut-out swimsuit looks sexy not slutty with 3/4 jeans
Love Love Love this cute print dress
I love that these step-brothers went in matching Sailor outfits - favourite by far
Do I really have to justify why this whole picture just looks WRONG?? & I'm not even refering to the "lady's" atrocious outfit...
The two on the left looked fine, minus lil mz "gun fingers" who just ruined a perfectly good pic...
How NOT to wear a silver shine cut-out swimsuit..teamed with super tight and shiny leggings-Gheez Louise save the leggings for another outfit child!
Dressing up in your ballet leotard from when you were six years old is just WRONG no other way to put it love (at least she had the decency *cough* to wear underwear even if it IS VPL )
Toodles! For more info on the Miami Beach party check out:-

Sunday 30 November 2008

Song of the Week!

With the UK facing it's worst economic crisis in 60 YEARS (yep you read that right) and everybody suffering the credit crunch, what better time for Wiley to release his new video for his single, "Cash In My Pocket" on his Myspace page. Featuring Mark Ronson, the video takes a comical take on the UK's economic crisis. The song's relevance to the current state of the UK economy and people's attitude to money is so on point to what is happening in the world today. It's not just the UK that is suffering, you only have to watch the news and see the headlines to know that America is in the same crisis. Yes the most powerful country in the world has probably the worst economy. Go figure.
Wiley Cash In My Pocket
I watched it throughout and laughed my head off for what felt like the 3:40 minutes! The cast in the video are hilarious and the tune isn't bad either. Enjoy! :-)

It's All About the Benjamin's Baby

Hip Hop Comes to Harrods
I don't usually do men's fashion but there will always be exceptions. In this case, it's Andre 3000's new label Benjamin Bixby. Exclusively available from Harrods in the UK, Andre (one half of Outkast) launched the label in August of this year. I've always liked Andre's individual style and this is reflected in his label too. The first collection is taken from the Thirties era of style, tweed jackets, blazers and waist coats. But it's the crazy mix of styles that really makes it stand out. I love the way he mixes up preppy with "street" wear. I likey!! There's a really good feature on him talking about his inspiration behind his collection in Sunday's Observer Woman Monthly. He says: "I'm a big fan of English style. And Japan is outrageous. They do the prepy thing so well. Putting Japanese or Black kids in preppy clothes is how you get something new. It's like a conversation between cultures - one culture makes and teaches it back to you. It's the same with music." To buy online check out

Fank F**k For the 90s...

For a while, a lot of people have been bang on the 80's revival...if you haven't seen the rope chains, spandex, shoulder pads and leggings or heard the electronic music making its big comeback then where have you been for, like, the last year?? 80's Groupies?? Maybe the most ironic thing is that most of the people rocking 80's fashion (let's call them 80's Groupies) weren't even BORN in the 1980's. Maybe that is the appeal..who knows! What I do know, is that I don't see what all the fuss is about..everyone knows the best decade was the 90's-and i'm not just talking about the music and fashion - what about the television shows..children's TV ain't what is used to be..Sponge Bob, Lazy Town, Ben 10? Give me Sharkey and George, Power Rangers and X-Men any day.... So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered Work It..and I haven't looked back. Located on the Kingsland Road, Dalston, it only started in April 2008 but it's already got a strong turn out and of course the music is banging..where else can you hear all the nineties R&B, Hip Hop, New Jack Swing tunes all night long? You know I was grinning like the cheshire cat all night long... Check out for more info.

Friday 21 November 2008

Throw Back Track of the Week!

As I've always said-if you don't know..get to know! Alexander O' Neal - Criticise (check the intro-classic!)

Thursday 20 November 2008

Beyonce - Single Ladies

Beyonce's new album - "Beyonce I am...Sasha Fierce" - was released this Monday in the UK. This is B's third solo album and fans will be pleased to know that it is a deluxe edition. The first half features mainstream pop songs written by songwriters such as Amanda Ghost (who also wrote James Blunt's "Your Beautiful"). The second disc is filled with plenty of R&B tracks - Beyonce style! Will you be buying it?? If you haven't already seen Single Ladies video check it out on Youtube but not before you see the Saturday Night Live comedy sketch Seth Green (whatever happened to him?!) and Justin Timberlake do. Hilarious!!!

Who Rocked It Better??

Monica Cruz and THE SAME DRESS!!!
I'm sure it's happened to the best of us (I can think of an incident not so long ago!) You turn up to the event of the decade in your best hair, heels and bag and then *shock, horror* you spot what was meant to be your one-off/unique/original outfit on some other hussy. How DARE she? You scream (within). I'm not going to offer you any ludicrous advice such as cornering the hussy/skank and demanding she leave the party/event or accidentally spilling red wine (you know that stain will never come out) on her dress. Would I ever?! Instead I am going to present many examples of women across the world who have been in similar situations. Only difference is they are famous which means they can not hide the shame or humiliation. Yet we can- hooray for being mere mortals!!! Enjoy! You know I did! x
Heidi Montag & Leona Lewis (The Hills)
Lindsay Lohan & Sophie Ellis Bextor
Rihanna & Leah Hackett (Hollyoaks actress)
Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) & Denise Richards
Liz Hurley & Lil Kim
Jennifer Ellison & J-Lo
Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical) & Nicky Hilton
Nicky Hilton & Sanaa Lathan (repeat offender Nicky??)
Carmen Electra & Keyshia Cole
Michelle Ryan (Eastenders) & Kris Kardashian (Kim's Mum)
Lauren Conrad (The Hills - which you should know!) & Michelle Kwan
Lily Allen & Kate Beckinsale
Gwen Stefani & Kelly Osbourne

Watch Free Channels You Don't Even Have To Pay For!

If you're like me then TV is very on demand, I watch it when I choose to. Television schedules are so "back in the day". It seems like yesteryear when Nickelodeon, Trouble and MTV Base were the channels I watched repeatedly as a mere tweenager. I rarely even watch Sky and I don't even have a television in my bedroom *shock horror*! It's all about iplayer, channel4 catchup and OVguide for all those exclusive episodes of Heroes, The Hills and Gossip Girl. (wink wink) Streamed or downloaded, evening or day, the choice really is yours. And surprise surprise guess what else I've stumbled across?? Channel Chooser lists LOADS of channels you can watch online from the comfort of your computer screen whenever you want. Kudos to moi! My favourites so far are Invincible TV, (British "urban" music and shows) CNN (knowledge is power y'all) and HBO (spawns the Wire need I say more?) For more info check: Toodles!

OMG!Lindsay Lohan Gets Attacked by PETA!

Nobody hates people who wear fur more than those peeps who work for PETA. The People For Ethical Treatmeant of Animals made sure Lindsay knew what they were ALL ABOUT on Monday night when she arrived in Paris with her DJ girlfriend (and also Mark Ronson's sister) Samantha, oh, and her lovely, big, black, warm, FUR coat. Bad move BIMBO. It's a 1:37 minute clip but things get OH so interesting at about 40 seconds in. It couldn't have happened to a nicer really it couldn't. Watch and enjoy- you know I did!

Campaign launched following Urban Music Award Stabbings

Founder of the Urban Music Awards, Jordan Kensington, has launched the "Stamp Out Violence" campaign following the stabbings which took place at the UMAs early this week. Along with MP Simon Wooley, George Galloway and artists DJ Luck, MC Neat and Q several other artists will be attending the filming and launch of the "Stamp Out Violence" campaign on 21st November 2008. Kensington said: "My sincere apologies go out to the victims of such an insensitive crime and the guests who were having such a brilliant time before the incident took place. I want to re-assure all the UMA fans and supporters that our organisation is about promotion success and achievement. We strongly stand against violence, and are appalled that this incident occurred." "Although the incident was negative, we at the UMA want to take this opportunity to bring to light some solutions and opportunities against a long standing problem facing our community." What was meant to be a night of celebration on Saturday 16th November, for British artists and musicians, turned into chaos and mayhem at the Urban Music Awards. Click here to see the video clips from London Today The music awards show, held at Indigo 02 in Greenwich, came to an abrupt end after one guest was seriously injured and two others hurt. Police shut down the 6th Annual Urban Music Award show keeping up to 300 people inside the venue until the early hours of the morning. The "Stamp Out Violence campaign will be launched on 21st November 2008 by The Metropolitan Police has confirmed that one man has been arrested in connection with this incident. If you would like to attend the Stamp Out Violence campaign visit for more details.

Sunday 9 November 2008

Plastic Surgery is for _______ People (fill in the blank)

When I saw this picture of Donatella Versace I thought it was some idea of a sick joke with photoshop or something. But I was mistaken. This is really her. And she is not the only one to be affected from this sick craze of plastic surgery. In the back of fashion, lifestyle and celebrity magazines there are pages upon pages of cosmetic surgery adverts for "a happier alternative to what you have" or "make that positive change you have always wanted" erm how about you get a padded bra/chicken fillets or how about take yourself down the gym ever heard of that? It's so pathetic to see what was once a beautiful woman and now a freak of nature. I'm sorry to be so blunt but someone has to! All that money and people around you and no one to tell you when it's time to put the knife down and just STOP. And it's not just Donatella either the list is endless. You only have to take a look at British celebrities to see it's not just in America that people have gone surgery mad. I would love to see the generation of surgery users when they hit 70. That's if they DO reach 70... If you don't believe me have a look at these pictures... (btw its in order with the very worst saved right until the end!) Brittney Murphy Courtney Love Madonna Kylie Tara Reid (American Pie actress) Ashlee Simpson George Clooney Fergie Victoria Beckham Janice Dickinson (America's Next Top Model ex-judge) Kim Kardashian Lil Kim Michael Jackson Bride of Wildenstein If anyone knows who this is please let me know. I don't recognise her as a "celebrity" and I'm usually very in the know about these things. If it IS a random person then OMG someone tell her she has no excuse for all this cosmetic surgery.. If you want to punish yourself some more take a look at more examples of HORRIFIC cosmetic surgery below:-
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