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Tuesday 16 December 2008

George Bush Shoe Attack

It was going to happen sooner rather than later. I'm just surprised it was a journalist at a press conference who did it and not a random on the street. (see our very own John Prescot) And the media says you need to watch out for hoodies, ASBO's and other stereotypical members of the public who attack, rob and steal from us. If you didn't know, let me enlighten you. On the 14th December 2008 in a press conference in Iraq, US President (but not for long!) George Bush was attacked by an Iraqi journalist who threw his pair of shoes at him. One after the other. True stories. :-) Looking back now isn't it always ALWAYS the people you least expect? Remember John Prescot who delivered THAT right hook to a random man at a protest? Innocent man if I might add. Poor sod. (Although I can't help but giggle when I watch it again on youtube..the old boy did good!!!) Just because I'm on a roll... :-)

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