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Sunday 9 November 2008

Plastic Surgery is for _______ People (fill in the blank)

When I saw this picture of Donatella Versace I thought it was some idea of a sick joke with photoshop or something. But I was mistaken. This is really her. And she is not the only one to be affected from this sick craze of plastic surgery. In the back of fashion, lifestyle and celebrity magazines there are pages upon pages of cosmetic surgery adverts for "a happier alternative to what you have" or "make that positive change you have always wanted" erm how about you get a padded bra/chicken fillets or how about take yourself down the gym ever heard of that? It's so pathetic to see what was once a beautiful woman and now a freak of nature. I'm sorry to be so blunt but someone has to! All that money and people around you and no one to tell you when it's time to put the knife down and just STOP. And it's not just Donatella either the list is endless. You only have to take a look at British celebrities to see it's not just in America that people have gone surgery mad. I would love to see the generation of surgery users when they hit 70. That's if they DO reach 70... If you don't believe me have a look at these pictures... (btw its in order with the very worst saved right until the end!) Brittney Murphy Courtney Love Madonna Kylie Tara Reid (American Pie actress) Ashlee Simpson George Clooney Fergie Victoria Beckham Janice Dickinson (America's Next Top Model ex-judge) Kim Kardashian Lil Kim Michael Jackson Bride of Wildenstein If anyone knows who this is please let me know. I don't recognise her as a "celebrity" and I'm usually very in the know about these things. If it IS a random person then OMG someone tell her she has no excuse for all this cosmetic surgery.. If you want to punish yourself some more take a look at more examples of HORRIFIC cosmetic surgery below:-

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