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Thursday 20 November 2008

Who Rocked It Better??

Monica Cruz and THE SAME DRESS!!!
I'm sure it's happened to the best of us (I can think of an incident not so long ago!) You turn up to the event of the decade in your best hair, heels and bag and then *shock, horror* you spot what was meant to be your one-off/unique/original outfit on some other hussy. How DARE she? You scream (within). I'm not going to offer you any ludicrous advice such as cornering the hussy/skank and demanding she leave the party/event or accidentally spilling red wine (you know that stain will never come out) on her dress. Would I ever?! Instead I am going to present many examples of women across the world who have been in similar situations. Only difference is they are famous which means they can not hide the shame or humiliation. Yet we can- hooray for being mere mortals!!! Enjoy! You know I did! x
Heidi Montag & Leona Lewis (The Hills)
Lindsay Lohan & Sophie Ellis Bextor
Rihanna & Leah Hackett (Hollyoaks actress)
Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) & Denise Richards
Liz Hurley & Lil Kim
Jennifer Ellison & J-Lo
Ashley Tisdale (High School Musical) & Nicky Hilton
Nicky Hilton & Sanaa Lathan (repeat offender Nicky??)
Carmen Electra & Keyshia Cole
Michelle Ryan (Eastenders) & Kris Kardashian (Kim's Mum)
Lauren Conrad (The Hills - which you should know!) & Michelle Kwan
Lily Allen & Kate Beckinsale
Gwen Stefani & Kelly Osbourne

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