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Wednesday 4 August 2010

Vaseline Celebrates 140 years!

  Limited edition Vaseline pot

The cult beauty classic, Vaseline, celebrates its 140th birthday this year, with a Swarovski crystal-coated limited edition packaging.  We like!

My Mummy dearest swears by it, and apparently so did Marilyn Monroe who used it as a moisturiser.  It is possibly the most versatile beauty product on the shelfs and can be used for anything from removing mascara and eyeliner to "holding" eyebrows in shape.  But the most important? Glossing those lips!

Every human being should own a tub of vaseline..It's essential!

So pucker up ladies (and gents), and be the first to own the limited edition crystal-coated packaging.  For just £1.12 for a 50ml pot, you can work wonders with this beauty favourite. So what are you waiting for?

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