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Tuesday 15 September 2009

Jordan speaks about her rape attack

Katie Price being interviewed on new tv show Live from Studio Five
As every Tom Dick and Harry plus their dog well know, Jordan and Peter have been having digs at each other in the press since they announced their split back in June. But now Jordan has revealed she was raped by a well-know celebrity. Two weeks ago she first claimed it was "more than once" when she was younger. She said: "A famous celebrity raped me and Peter knows who it was. It was years ago before I was with Pete, and my friends and family knew about it at the time." Speaking to OK! magazine, Katie said she had "no idea" why Pete would deny knowledge, adding: "He’s not the Pete I knew any more. He’s being really cruel when he knows exactly who did it"
Her claims have shocked Peter Andre who denies knowing anything about it. Hmmmm someone is telling BIG porkies in fact I can see their Pinocchio nose growing from here! What do you think?

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