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Tuesday 15 September 2009

Kanye's Apology

Kanye apologising on Jay Leno
Kanye turned up at Jay Leno show to perform his new song along with Jay Z and Rihanna, Run this Town. Of course Jay wasn't going to let him just come on the show without talking about THAT incident at the VMA's last night! Strangely enough I updated my facebook with the following comment about Kanye's outburst/temper tantrum/wrong moment to open his big mouth which was:- Aba says: I ♥ Kanye & all but dude has *issues* get counsellin luv we all kno yr not over yr mothers death..
So then it didn't surprise me watching this clip Kanye's apology... Check the video below to see it for yourself. So what do you think? Thoughts! x

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