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Friday 13 March 2009

Michael Jackson SOLD OUT!

Michael Jackson
Critics say he couldn't do it, but I always knew he would. I mean, this isn't just any artist, it is THE King of Pop Mr. Jackson himself. And Mr. Jackson officialy SOLD OUT his UK tour in three days. According to the BBC, Sky News and several other news channels, hundreds of fans queued up for the general sale of Michael Jackson's "This Is It" tour at the 02 arena in Greenwich today.
Manic Michael fans queuing at the 02 today
Excuse me, but were these reporters actually THERE?? Or is this secondary information because I also have my sources and they came with their own reports and even pictures to prove it!!! My sources (who will remain nameless!) queued from 4am this morning and didn't get their tickets until 1pm this afternoon - if those aren't MJ fans I don't know who is!!!
Fans were camping out in all types of tents
Several tents, chairs, endless empty food containers and wrappers, smelly, chatty, moany and grumpy there were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of fans queuing for those once in a life-time limited MJ tickets. And wouldn't you if you knew this could be the last time to see the King of Pop performing classics like Thriller, Rock With You and Billie Jean???
Channel 4 camera crew arrived just in time to capture the huge crowds
The queues were worse than Thorpe Park (and you know how bad they get!) and there were no luxury queue-jumping options either. It was literally survival of the fittest and only the toughest survived the jungle out there! Organisers, AEG Live, say that "This Is It" has become the fastest selling tour in history with 33 seats sold each minute. Those are crazy Jackson fans for sure because those tickets sold out like gold-dust. Can you tell how excited I am, there are actually colour fonts in this blog?!? :-) People are already complaining that MJ won't be physically able to perform all his 37 dates in the UK. To say that thought hasn't come to mind would be a lie because it has. But do you know something - im willing to pay money to see one of the best entertainers in the world whether regardless of what the critics say. Anyone who knows me, knows that I never listen to those darn critics. It is, after all, one person's opinion.
MJ performing in his prime
So here is a message to all those so called critics out there- stop drinking that Haterade because MJ fans don't wanna hear it! I don't know any MJ fan (because I know not everyone is a fan of Michael) who wouldn't pay good money to see MJ whether he is performing on stage or even just to catch a glimpse of him - he is truly a work of art both as a performer and well, you know, physically speaking! I'd pay good money to see both the moon-walk and that NOSE goddamit!:-) Anyhoo I've got my ticket..hope you got yours?! See you at the 02 in Feb 09!!!

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