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Friday 3 June 2011

Pop Up Shop in London's Kings Road

 Pop up shops in London

Pop up shops are appearing everywhere and are proving very popular in many cities like London.  It's the perfect opportunity to indulge in a fantastic shopping experience, the chance to find some unusual and exclusive items at a discount price!

But often it's hard to find pop up shops as they are only around for a limited time...*sobs*

Lucky for me, I found a new pop-up shop on the Kings Road, opposite the Chelsea Town Hall, which opened this week.  I bought an extremely cute Juicy Couture Varsity Logo Tote bag. Although the bag is medium sized, it is surprisingly very big inside!  

It has three compartments  making it the ideal day bag for shopping or everyday use.  I particularly love the combination of pink beige and brown colours, great for casual wear and a perfect buy for this Summer.

They sell a wide range of items such as furniture, clothing, accessories and much more. This pop up shop is definitely worth visiting - don't leave it too late before it closes! 
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