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Friday 14 October 2011

Rihanna at the O2! Review

RiRi opening the show!

Last night I went to see the incredible Rihanna at the 02 arena and boy did she put on a show! 

Queuing took hours but it's ok, it IS RiRi after all!

When I found out I saw Rihanna was coming London I made sure I booked my ticket asap - but I needn't have worried. Rihanna is set to play 10 dates at the 02 arena making it the longest run at the venue of any female artist. Good on her!

 Peforming "What's My Name"

RiRi kicked off the show with "Only girl in the world" belting out all her biggest tunes from "Shut up and drive", "Please don't stop the music", "Take a bow" and some of my favourites, "What's my Name" and "So hard".

Rihanna and her dancers performing "So Hard"

Each song she performed with her troupe of male and female dancers was an elaborate stage full of props - at one stage there was even a huge pink camouflage army tank complete with smoke she was blasting into the crowd.

I rarely stand at concerts because of the fear of a.being squashed to death, b.being squashed to death and c.being squashed to death but I thought I would give it a try seeing as it WAS Rihanna after all...

And I am so glad I did because Rihanna surprised her fans, (including me!) and performed on the drumkit for a few minutes right underneath where me and my friends were standing!

Rihanna performing on the drums - right beside us!

Most of all I loved Rihanna’s stage outfits. From the denim shorts and sparkly multi-coloured bra, to the yellow floaty dress with a thigh split, Rihanna’s wardrobe for the concert didn’t disappoint.

Rihanna in her lovely canary yellow floaty dress...

So great songs, great stage and great fashion everything you would expect from a concert. Maybe I’m biased, I do love Rihanna after all but what’s there not to love? When it comes to good pop tunes, Rihanna always comes correct. In the words of Rihanna, "Go hard, or go home!"

What's My Name performance

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