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Monday 21 November 2011

Versace & H&M Collaboration!

 Donatella arriving at the launch of the Versace & H&M collaboration at Regent Street store

As soon as Donatella Versace revealed that Versace and H&M would collaborate for a special high street collection, I knew that it would make history.  But even I was surprised to the extent the frenzy caused because of this mega  fashion collaboration. 24 hour queues and the  entire collection sold out in 30 minutes!

Fashionistas and dedicated shoppers had camped outside H&M stores the night before to get a piece of the hotly anticipated collection.  Queues as long as double decker buses were formed outside stores across the country. When I entered the Knightsbridge store in London, there were security guards behind a roped off section of the store - dedicated to Versace collection only.

Shoppers queue up for Versace at H&M

 Items fly off the shelves in minutes!

Shoppers were allowed 15 minutes only to shop til they dropped and in an effort to stop greedy Ebay sellers, shoppers were not allowed to purchase more than three items each. Absolute torture for genuine shoppers who actually want to buy to wear, not just to buy and sell on for three times the price!

So what did I think of the collection? Well it was certainly vibrant! Leather, fringing, studs and PVC and I haven't even mentionned the colours!  

The collection has rich tropical prints and bright tones and definitely lived up to the reputation of Donatella Versace's love of high-fashion and glamour - flamboyant dressing at its best! I wasn't keen on the tropical floral patterns which appeared on the leggings and tunic tops - a little too "rah rah" for me and reminded me of something that would be best suited for a float at the Notting Hill Carnival.

 The Versace collection
The standout pieces were the black leather mini dress,  the black waistcoat (purchased!) and the studded leather jacket all just amazing!  But the best of all were the accessories, silk scarf, ring and bracelet were on my to-get list and I was very happy with them indeed!

Some of my favourites from the collection
I love H&M collaborations - high fashion meets high street at the fraction of the usual designer price.  Versace pieces normally sell up to £6,000 but the H&M collection, released on Thursday, accessories started at only £14.99 with the most expensive item selling for £179.99. This is absolute heaven for a bargainista fashionista like me! 

 Silk scarf, leather bracelet and ring

 Versace for H&M square silk scarf with print

Leather bracelet with metal flowers and sparkly gems

 Chunky gold metal ring with flowers and gems

I just wish that the H&M website didn't crash. For shoppers who are unable to visit a store have to rely on online shopping and the H&M website really let us shoppers down. I was lucky enough to purchase one item (the waistcoat) but many people couldn't buy anything and when the;- website was finally up and running everything was sold out! Let's hope H&M sort out their web problems for the next collaboration!

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