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Sunday 6 April 2014

Renovating Your Front Door

Doors beautiful doors!

You can’t help but notice beautiful doors when yours is, well, horrible!

When we bought our home, we knew that the door would be one of the first things to go. Not only did it look horrible, the aluminum door frame and frosted glass was so dated I doubt anyone of the past would claim it back, the letterbox and doorframe rattled in the wind making it incredibly noisy and then there was the awfully chilly draft we would get in the winter…

The list goes on! If your front door has ever needed a serious makeover, you would know a beautiful door when you see one. I had become obsessed with doors. The colour – bold or light? Silver brass or gold door accessories? Door knocker – to have or not  so many decisions!

So after doing lots of research we decided to have our new made to measure external door and frame installed by Greenwich Joinery and here is the end result!


  Colour: Farrow & Ball - Stiffkey Blue, eggshell
Door furniture extras: Ring knocker and door knob

Here are some tips on picking the best door for your home:-

Do your research - I started a pinterest tab on all the best doors I had come across. It is currently my most pinned Pinterest album yet so I can’t be the only one who is fascinated with doors! Pinterest is great for researching ideas it’s a fab little scrap book and will help you decide on your favourite door looks.
Regency front doors suit regency buildings

Does your door match your home? – It is all well and good choosing a bespoke period door with Victorian etched glass, door bell, knockers, etc yet if your home isn’t a period property, it may look odd. Your door is meant to add to the property not stand out for the wrong reasons.  The Cotswold Doors is a great website which has a range of doors from different periods Victorian, Edwardian, Regency, 1920s, 1930s, Art Deco, Contemporary, the list is endless! It will help you find the right door for your home.
 Will an orange colour front door compliment your house?

Find a colour that matches your home – Again this may be determined by the colour of your house. A redbrick home usually goes with most colours, pale olives and blues go well with white houses and darker coloured and pebbledash homes need a bold bright colour to stand out.  Farrow and Ball, Fired Earth and Little Greene have a great range of beautiful colours and all worth checking out.

You may have to spend more for a good door – Yes you can buy exterior doors from Homebase, B&Q and Wickes for far cheaper but if you are in the unlucky situation like me where it wasn’t just the door but the door FRAME that needed replacing too, it isn’t just as simple as buying a door and new hinges, you may have to consider a more dearer option. There is also another cheaper option available – UPVC or composite doors.  Composite doors in particular are in my opinion the better of the two as they offer the same traditional look of a wooden door.  However, nothing beats the look feel and security of a heavy solid wood traditional wooden door. Wood is a natural insulator for the home unlike cold metals they hold heat indoors and block cold from the outside. Plus you can always tell a wooden door when you see one!

Hopefully this help you make the right decision in choosing your perfect door. I would love to hear your experiences and see your door inspiration so message me photos and don't forget to follow me on pinterest too!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for suggesting nice tips. I think we can do experiment with colors also. THnaks

Anonymous said...

Thanks for suggesting nice tips. I think we can do experiment with colors also. Thanks

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