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Tuesday 15 July 2014

Upcycled chair with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Pillows - Both BHS
Paint - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, Old White
Wax - Annie Sloan Clear Wax

This wooden chair has been in our kitchen for a while and in my husband's family for years and as much as I loved the old dark wood, I've wanted to paint it for months to bring it back to life but hadn't had the time to do it.

This weekend I finally made time to paint it using my favourite, Anne Sloan Chalk Paint. I love painting with Annie Sloane as it is so easy to use, minimal effort is required! Clean your furniture and paint! No primer, sanding or base coat is needed. It really is that simple and easy anyone can do it.

 Chair cleaned and ready to paint!

After cleaning your furniture using an old cloth, you are ready to paint it! Pick a set of paint brushes, I used a value range set from Homebase like this, you want a variety of different sized brushes to paint the different areas of your furniture.

I used these pack of 3 Harris Finesse Woodcare Brush Set, £11.99, but anything similar will do.

 Old White by Annie Sloan*

From the Annie Sloan range I used "old white" and the paint has good coverage even over dark furniture. I bought mine from Rigby & Mac and also available to buy from their website too. I always use two coats and because the paint is slightly thicker than average (it is chalk paint after all), I let it dry for at least four hours before painting the second coat. The second coat gives your furniture that richer look that you can add with clear wax too, to seal the paint. 

 Where to buy Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Clear Wax - visit their official website here

After letting the paint dry for five hours, I added another coat, let that dry for a few hours and applied the clear wax all over the furniture. I left it for an hour or so to dry and then added my pillows to the chair.

It is so simple to use, if I can do it you, you could too! Would love to see your recycled furniture too please leave links to your projects in comments below!

*Image credit: Lilacs & Long Horns

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