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Sunday 7 December 2014

Christmas Tree Decor - Light up parcels

 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in our house!

After visiting Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas market it has got me into the festive spirit and on my return to London, we picked up a Christmas tree. Every year I’ve bought tree decorations but the this year I’ve decided to reuse last year’s decorations rather than buy new ones.

  We bought our needle last 6ft tree from Homebase this year

 We decided to add these light up parcels too!

Instead I decided to brighten up my home with these light up parcel decorations. I first spotted them on display in a pop up gift shop in Blackheath. The owner explained to me the parcels were not for sell but had been really popular with customers and I had been the 10th person that day asking about them! Michael, (the owner) kindly promised to call me if managed to get hold of any more parcels but thankfully my husband spotted Christmas parcels similar in Homebase.

  Christmas light up parcel decorations

They come in a box of 3, large, medium and small and give off a lovely bright silhouette and look great under our Christmas tree.

Homebase is currently selling them with a 1/3 off the original price so snap them up now before they sell out!

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