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Sunday 7 June 2015

Decorate Your Garden with a Wooden Garden Arch

 My new garden arch

I'm always on the hunt for ideas and unique ways to make my garden look more beautiful. Among all the decorations that are used in a garden, the one that could make the most difference is a garden arch.

Archways are great decorations for your garden and when I came across this fab wooden garden arch from NotOnThe, I knew it was the ideal item to help make my garden look more attractive. 

The Wooden Elegance Garden Arch, sold by Garden Selections, is an elegant arch and strong enough to support climbing plants.

Arches look lovely used as the entry to an outdoor garden but can look really good nestled within a garden too. Because garden arches are created in a wide range of heights, we chose this one that best fits our garden space. 

 Choosing the right spot for my garden arch

I've placed the arch in the middle of my garden against the garden wall  to define the different areas of our garden, for a showstopping focal point.

The arch has trellis sides topped by a smoothly curved arch and four sturdy feet that we sunk into the earth. It came flat packed and was easy to assemble and light weight so not heavy at all, but thankfully strong enough to stay put!

I love the way the arch has created a stunning focal point in the garden. Once we grow our flowering vines and train our climbing wall plant to grow intertwined to the arch, it will add color and texture to the space creating a beautiful effect. 
 Looking forward to growing plants around my garden arch!

My next task is to work out what colour roses to grow around my garden arch. :-)

*Disclaimer: The product featured was gifted to me for review however all words and opinions are my own*

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