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Thursday 19 May 2016

Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow review

Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow

Pregnant ladies know how uncomfortable carrying a big bump can be. Now well into my third trimester, my bump is growing bigger by the day and as wonderful as it is being pregnant it can get sore and very tiring especially when sleeping.

Pillows are good at offering support for your legs, bump and back but no matter how many pillows you place behind your back or under your legs, it’s never quite doing the job of making you feel comfortable!  So I was pleased to receive the Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow to review as I’ve heard lots of great things about it.

First impressions when you open the packaging is just how big the pillow is. It is much bigger and longer than I expected and I was wondering how I would get the best use out of it.

The pillow is large but very light and filled with millions of micro beads

However, as we all know, looks can be deceiving. It is not until you actually start using the pillow then you get to feel the benefits of this product and it really is as good as they say it is!

Although it is long, the pillow is very light and filled with millions of micro beads, allowing you to easily change positions as it moulds around your body making it a perfect support throughout pregnancy.  It’s free from product nasties so it’s anti-allergenic, breathable and can be washed by removing the outer cover too.  The best bit? It’s extremely flexible and able to be bend into any shape you need, providing both support and relief for your bump, back and legs.

I love the support the Theraline pillow offers for your back; as well as for sleeping, I use it most whilst sitting on the sofa to prop myself up. Place it behind your back and fold it into a v-shaped pillow so that your body is in a supported and comfortable position, it makes relaxing in front of the TV comfortable again!

My favourite way to use my Theraline pillow - propped up on the sofa relaxing in front of the TV!

There are lots of different ways to use the pillow throughout pregnancy. Here are some of my favourite ways to use it:

On your feet all day – Use the pillow to prop up your legs and feet to help to help reduce fluid retention.
Trouble sleeping - If like me you’re having trouble sleeping use it to place the bottom curve of the pillow between your legs. It makes it easier to roll over and you have support holding your legs in place when sleeping.
Back support – Use the pillow as a back support when you watch TV on the sofa or work on your laptop, instant back support!

This pillow is fantastic! It provides the ultimate comfort at a time when you are feeling most uncomfortable and it is also reasonably priced too, compared to other pillows on the market. Best of all, you can continue to use it after birth once your baby arrives for breastfeeding.

Theraline pillow is available to buy online here and retails at £44.95. Visit their website to view the full range of products including nursing pillows, caesarean belt and more.

*Disclaimer: The product featured were gifted to me for review however all words and opinions are my own*

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