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Sunday 7 August 2016

How to decorate a small nursery

How I decorated my baby's small nursery

Decorating your baby's nursery is such an exciting experience, but can be a daunting one. Whether it is choosing the right colour scheme, furniture, wall art or deciding between curtains or blinds, there are so many decisions to make. 

Many nurseries are limited when it comes to space, so how do you create a practical yet stylish nursery, in a tiny area, without it looking cramped?  It's not about the space itself but how you use it. There are lots of useful tips on how to maximise your small space and here are some of the best ones i've used decorating my son's nursery:

Less is more when it comes to decorating a small nursery room. Finding inspiration on Pinterest is great for sourcing ideas, but it's easy to over decorate a room, especially small rooms. Love the idea of having a nautical theme with navy and yellow colours? It may look great on that Pinterest image you pinned but in a small room, dark colours and strong patterns can  make a room look smaller so I stuck with a neutral palette and decorated my nursery using white, grey and cream.

Accessories - Utilise wall space for storage and install shelves like this shelf unit near the changing station for easy access to items. Also, use the shelves to display toys, books, photos or your favourite decorative pieces like I've done below:

Getting everything you need in a small space might seem like a huge challenge so it is important to make sure that every item in the space serves a good purpose. In other words, if there is no use for it, you do  need it! Be strict with yourself by making a list of the essentials: the three key pieces of furniture you'll need in a small nursery is a cot, changing table/dresser and a chair for nursing. Once you have those three items everything else comes second.  

Minimal decor creates a clean, uncluttered look. No space for a wardrobe and changing table? Then choose a dresser with a changing top like I did, for the combination of storage and an area to change your baby. 

The original dresser came with wooden drawer knobs but I replaced them with these glass knobs instead

Light - our nursery room is small so I needed as many surfaces as possible to reflect light off. Adding a large mirror is the perfect way to make space appear bigger.

Keep floors clear - Clean lines allow the eye to travel freely about the room, making it feel more spacious so keep the floors free of items to ensure the space looks anything but cluttered and use hooks and shelves for storage instead.

Wall art - Wall art is also another a great way to decorate a room and great for small spaces too.  Inspired by our Safari honeymoon, I added these adorable animal canvas prints to the walls to create a warm, comfortable and inviting nursery for my baby.

Hope you found these tips on how to decorate a small nursery helpful! What are your top tips you used for decorating your baby's nursery?


Emma Plus Three said...

Looks lovely. And great use of a small space x #MarvMondays

Emily said...

Wow Aba, his nursery is amazing, I'm such a fan of neutral nurseries.

I especially love the animal prints, they're stunning!

Love Emily #marvmondays said...

Gorgeous nursery and so so true. White and minimal is always good for a small space, makes it seem much brighter. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

Unknown said...

Where is the shelf unit from? X

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