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Friday 17 July 2009

The King of Pop Is Dead

One of my favourite pictures of Michael :-)
When news poured in that Michael Jackson had died on the 25th June 2009 - it seemed like the world can come to a standstill. New channels, radio stations and newspaper all dedicated hours of time and pages of space to the King of Pop. At one point, search engine Google had crashed as they thought they were being attacked by a virus. It was in fact millions of people trying to log on and find what had happened to Michael Jackson. The largest search engine in the world couldn't even take that level of searches. That is how much Michael Jackson's news had impacted the world. It is almost a month since the tragic news first surfaced, and yet new stories are still being heavily featured on Michael. On the verge of a comeback tour in London, Michael, died of a heart attack. He was only 50 years old. The star leaves three children, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson II. There are so many words to describe how I feel about the passing of Michael Jackson:- Sad, Confused, Devastated, Angry, Disappointed I feel Sad for his children, his family and his fans who truly appreciated his work, his talent and his great ability at being the greatest performer that ever lived. I feel Confused, because it is still not clear on the causes of his death. News reports say he was addicted to painkillers, others say a heart attack. Rumours, gossip and other tall stories are surfacing about Debbie Rowe, the woman who carried his children, the true identity of his children, the fortune of his estate and earnings etc etc. Does anyone wonder why I'm confused?! I feel Devastated at the fact that Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died so tragically. I heard the first emergency call out made by his house assistant which was so disturbing..and then what made it worse was OK!magazine's decision to publicise an image of Michael Jackson being escorted to the hospital in an ambulance. It is a chilling picture of his last moments for the world to see - great shot - not. I feel Angry, at the news coverage of Michael Jackson. Some would say - why aren't you happy with all the positive reports and tributes? Well, where were the positive news stories before his death? Why does it have to take a death for the media to sympathise with the celebrity in question (two words Jade Goody?) It's so fustrating when writers, journalists and other people in media speak out at what a "amazing talented performer" Michael was. Where were they when he was constantly victimised by the press? These are the same industry insiders who labelled him Wacko Jacko and a Pedophile... And lastly I feel disappointed as if you remember a while back I posted a blog on my excitement about purchasing my ticket for Michael's "This is It" concert. The fact I will NEVER be able to see the greatest performer of all time perform is an awful feeling of disappointment. Why didn't I take my two year old self to Wembley in 1988 when he toured London then?! :-) So close yet so far...oh well thank God for Youtube who will forever capture the moments I didn't... So although I feel all these emotions, I am going to end this blog on a high and with a smile on my face as I look back on my memories of watching Michael Jackson videos for hours on end with my brother (the biggest fan I know after my bff Ade!) when we were younger.
Rest in Peace Michael - people can say what they want about you, but you were 100% original. You opened more doors for black people, you brought people of all races together and you were an inspiration to so many. Your true fans will always love you, miss you, and remember your Great Talent. There will never be another King of Pop.
:-) A x

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