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Friday 17 July 2009

Katie Price First TV Interview After Split

This is the second interview Piers has done with Katie
Did you see the the interview of Katie Price by Piers Morgan? Peter has said he was "deeply disappointd" about her revelations in the interview. One of which was that she had a miscarriage whilst they were filming their reality television show in L.A..only a few days before they both took part in the Marathon. Piers Morgan has praised Katie for taking part in the interview saying, "She was fiesty, fiery, emotional, contrite and startlingly honest. Whether you love her or hate her, she has been through a hell of a difficult few weeks." Although she was paid a fee for taking part in the interview, she stated on her Twitter that she has donated the whole amount to a charity. So what will be be - Team Katie or Team Peter? I didn't even know Team's existed until I watched the interview myself a few days ago. It was heart-breaking watching Katie talk about her miscarriage and her strong will to continue working throughout that period. She made a statement that Peter was as "Mr. Perfect" as he always makes out he is. Well, time will only tell with these two!
Katie (left) and Peter (right) Isn't that obvious though?!

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