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Wednesday 1 September 2010

Aviator Jacket Love | Want | Need

Burberry Aviator Jacket...Love ♥ Want Need!

If you buy only one jacket this Winter, let it be the Aviator  jacket by Burberry.

The key jacket this season comes in chocolate brown cropped leather and chunky sheepskin. Burberry have done it again. Not only do they design georgous Macs but they’ve now turned there hand at urban-chic, an alternative to the miserable looking dull heavy wool jackets usually on offer in stores during this A/W season. Yawn!

Net-A-Porter has sold out its stock of Burberry Aviator  jackets which shows how popular this jacket is. Though even if they DID have it in stock, it is selling at a mere £2,000. Gulp. My thoughts exactly! Nevertheless, do not fret readers! The high street does not disappoint with their offers of the “It” jacket of the season.

Topshop £325

Matalan £30 available from October!

Oasis £150

River Island £59.99

Yes the Burberry Aviator Jacket is the crème de la crème, though no matter which version you decide to buy. whether it is high street or high end, the Aviator should be on every fashionista’s wishlist…including mine! ♥


Siscy said...

Wow I'm in deep loooove!!!!!! I remember seeing that on a girl 2years ago and was wondering were it came from
THX for the post!!!!!!!
btw how do I follow your blog?

DoYouNoah said...

Hehe glad u liked my post! you can follow me now!x

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