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Monday 11 October 2010

NYC in Fall 2010

 Me in MAC..uber happy!

I've just come back from visiting family in NYC and had an amazing time out there.  I visited my favourite stores Victoria Secrets and got the georgous Vanilla Coconut Passion.

Vanilla Coconut Passion Mist..divine!

This scent is one of my favourites, a soft warm vanilla with a hint of coconut once settled on the skin,  the perfect scent for crispy cool season of Autumn/Fall.

I also visited Ugg Store and bought a long pair in chestnut. brown.  This is the second pair of Uggs I have bought from the NYC store I seem to always buy them in New York!  Winters in London can be cruel so what better way to keep my toes warm and cosy with these beauties!?

I can't wait to wear my new Uggs this Winter!

The weather was surprisingly good for Autumn/Fall temperatures reaching 19degrees on some days so of course I had to make the most of it *wink wink*.

 Jacket - Topshop
Jumpsuit - Primark
Sandals - New Look
Bag - Primark

Sweater - George, Asda
Shorts - Primark
Shoes - Primark

Shift Dress - Forever 21

Hope to be visiting NY again next year too!

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