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Wednesday 20 October 2010

Gamu's first appearance at MOBO Awards!

 Gamu arriving on the red carpet at this year's MOBOs

Since the media released details of ex-factor reject Gamu's visa troubles, she has been in hididng.  But with all the negative publicity, it didn't stop Gamu turning up to the 2010 MOBOs tonight.

Gamu was a favourite of the public until it was revealed that the aspiring singer from Scotland faces deportation after the visa application made by her mother was turned down.
Gamu on the X-Factor
Gamu, from Zimbabwe arrived in Britain as a young girl with her mother and two brothers.  She has claimed that she will face a firing squad is she is forced to return to the country under Robert Mugabe's regime.

It's been reported that Gamu's mother, Miss Ngazana, claimed £16,000 in benefits she was not entitled to for Gamu and her brothers, Milton 12 and Marty 10. 

 Gamu's first audition at the X-Factor

So what will become of Gamu? Rumours are circulating that she has done an exclusive interview with the Metro  newspaper announcing she has been offered a major record deal. (should appear in their newspaper tomorrow) So who knows? Watch this space!

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