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Friday 21 January 2011

Nicki Minaj's Arrival in London Causes Mayhem!

Nicki Minaj in London

Nicki Minaj - fashion icon or just plain wacky? Well you be the judge of the self proclaimed, "HipHop Princess" who stepped out in London town dressed in her usual eye-catching outfits.

Firstly Nicki was spotted leaving her hotel wearing a bright purple jumpsuit and pink candyfloss wig. Though I can't say I was a fan of this outfit, I did LOVE her hot pink stilettos FABULOUS!

Later that evening she was swarmed by photographers and fans as she entered Oceana's nightclub.  Taking inspiration from what can only be described as something from outer space, Nicki wore a cute super tight stars and galaxy dress and a platinum blonde wig, with rope gold chain to finish off the outfit.

Nicki Minaj arriving at London Club Runway

She almost didn't reach the next destination, Club Runway, as the desperate over eager fans caused security issues.

I did warn you in my other post that it would be extremely crowded trying to venture to the club to meet Nicki, P Diddy and co. Though I'm sure that would deter any of Nicki's "Barbies" (Nicki's nickname for her fans) as I'm certain they would have done anything to catch a glimpse of there HipHop Princess :-).

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