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Wednesday 2 February 2011

JLS & Alexandra Burke Launch New Fashion Line!

Hands up whose been doing overtime in the gym?!

X-factor stars JLS and Alexandra Burke have teamed up to launch a new fashion line, 2KX.

Their first collection, which debuts this Spring/Summer 2011, incorporates both menswear and womenswear collection.  The fashion range includes underwear line, casual/daywear and evening wear too.

The unusual name, 2KX, is abbreviated for the year 2000 (2K) and letter X is the roman numeral for 10, for 2010 - the year the group created the label.

What better way to show off your collection by modelling it yourselves?!

2KX - new line from X-factor stars

So first impressions? From the pictures they have released the fashion line looks impressive. Despite recent bad press about Alexandra's weight, she looks in great shape and the JLS lads certainly look trim promoting their new line of boxers! *wink wink*

I love Alexandra's top/skirt combo which she teamed with a belt and the studded sling-backs are cute.  I particularly like Marvin's denim shirt and Aston's chinos. However, as it is a Spring/Summer collection, I would have liked to see more spring colours as almost everyone is wearing black. That is one colour I will be steering well away from this Summer!

Check out the promo pics and let me know what you think - will you be wearing their new fashion line?

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