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Thursday 17 February 2011

Oh My GOSH makeup review

The goodies I reviewed
I am very happy to announce I am now a Beauty Blogger for Superdrug!  You can read my reviews here.

I am always on the look out for new shades of lip-gloss. I received two lovely colours of GOSH intense lip colour, 301 – pink beige and 306 - red.

The pink beige is a gorgeous nude though my favourite is the classic shade of pillar box red 
The lip colour is a cross between a lipstick and lip gloss so when applied, it feels creamy and moisturised rather than sticky like some lip glosses.  It’s highly pigmented so the colour covers in a single sweep and lasts very well.

The packaging appears standard, square see-through tube and black lid, until on closer inspection you notice the mirror on one side and a cute light on the lid!  I love how the light is controlled by the push of the rubber button. It’s very bright and used with the mirror you can apply and re-apply the lip colour anywhere. Perfect for nights out when everyone is scrambling for the only mirror in the club toilets. You have your own – light included!

A mirror on the side & lights up - what more could a girl want?!
I also tried out the GOSH nail polishes I received Midnight Blue and Gasoline but it was Miss Grey 594 nail polish that really caught my eye...(far right).

(l-r) Gasoline 541, Midnight Blue 593, Miss Grey 594
I applied two coats of polish as the colour wasn’t as dark as I wanted it. I’ve been wearing Miss Grey for two days and so far no chipping…

Miss Grey - 594
Unlucky for me, I have short lashes :-( so am always on the look-out for lengthening mascaras.  I received two– Show Me Volume and Lengthening Step Mascara.  Show Me Volume Mascara is best for girls with natural (or false) eyelashes as it didn’t “do” anything for me. Whereas Lengthening Strength Mascara was much more suited to my lack of lashes.

The double-ended mascara wand has one end with clear serum and the other colour mascara in black.  It separates nicely, making my lashes look full and defined and has a nice, fluttery effect that I really like.

GOSH Glamorous Eye Shadow 18 Petrol, 21 Violet, 19 Navy Blue, 20 Black
I tested the GOSH Glamorous Eye shadow range. I really liked the shades 18 – Petrol and 21 – Violet. The darker shades 19 – Navy Blue and 20- Black are great to wear in the evening blended with the lighter shades.

The consistency of the eyeshadow is hard with a decent amount of shimmer and is fairly sheer. However, when used wet, the consistency becomes creamy.  I really liked the violet which I would definitely wear in the evening.  I can’t wait to try out the lighter shades and wear this Summer. Once you've tried one, you'll want to try them all!

(l-r) 19 Navy Blue,21 Violet, 18 Petrol

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