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Thursday 24 February 2011

Kelly Osbourne New Face of Material Girl

 Kelly Osbourne - new face of Material Girl

Lucky Kelly Osbourne is the new face of Madonna's fashion line, Material Girl and the pics look great!

When I heard Madonna and her daughter, Lourdes, were going to create their own clothing line I didn't really know what to expect. Yes I quite like Lourdes style, but Madonna's? Not so much!

 Love this look! Definitely my favourite :-)

My expectations further plummeted when I heard that Courtney Love wannabe Taylor Momsen (Little J from Gossip Girl) was picked as the face of the brand. I completely understand Madonna wanting to go for the edgy branding but Taylor has proved to be far too controversial even by her fans standards (me including!).

Out with the old...

 In with the new!

So it was to my relief that Taylor had been replaced by Kelly Osbourne, the perfect choice. Since her recent weight lose, Kelly's confidence has grown and her style has really improved.  Perhaps I'm being slightly biased, but us British girls do have a natural edge to our style.  Give us a bin liner, we'll find a way to make it look hot!

Madonna was quoted as saying, "Kelly represents a true Material Girl. She is edgy, cool and has a unique sense of style that Lola and I love." 

Go Kelly! ♥

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