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Monday 15 August 2011

Look Magazine Blogger Competition #LookShowWSC

Me on holiday, blogging by the pool! #blogaddict

I love blogging. I can blog anywhere about anything, though it is usually at home, in my bedroom about high street fashion. 

But today I am AWOL, blogging from Provence, Topshop shades perched on the edge of my nose, M&S floppy hat shielding away the sun, sitting by the pool and taking in the beautiful views of southern France!

No matter where I am, I love reporting on fashion trends.   Whether it’s in my hometown, London, or in the South of France, I can’t help but admire the way people use their unique sense of fashion to style themselves. I never leave my house without my camera or netbook just in case I happen to come across a wonderfully styled individual, whether it’s a day out shopping, at a festival, on the way to work, wherever!

Even though cities like Milan аnd Paris аrе renowned fοr thеіr fashion forward trends and fashion designers, in my opinion, the UK has arguably thе best high street fashion іn thе world.  I love a good bargain and that is why my blog focuses primarily on high street fashion.  I blog to update my readers on the latest fashion tips and trends, where to buy them and how to wear them. But must importantly, to show my readers hundreds of ways to dress like a star without the A-list price tag.

So why do I want to be front row at the Look Fashion Show? Yes, I would love to be there because it would be a great day out for me to meet other bloggers and share our love of fashion and blogging, but most importantly I want to write about the experience and share the trends and fashion ideas with all the Look readers. Not everyone can be lucky enough to attend this event, so it is important there are good writers there to be able to share it with the public afterwards and I think I would be perfect for this job!

The UK has some of the best high street fashion and what would be a better way then having me, Aba Noah, the self-confessed champion of high street fashion, sitting front row and reporting all the latest trends for A/W 11?! Make my dream come true and grant me this wish, you will not regret it!

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