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Tuesday 6 December 2011

Malia Obama Nearly As Tall As Dad!

 Malia with her sister and Dad, almost as tall as her father!

Do you remember the famous picture of President Obama, his wife and two little daughters in their family photo portrait?

 The famous family portrait of the Obamas

Well they are not so "little" anymore! Malia Obama, 13, is almost as tall as her parents!  At the moment, she is 5'9, her mother Michelle, 5'11 and her father the president 6'1.

The president even joke about his daughter's height during a speech last July saying, "Even though she's five-nine, she's still my baby."

 Loving the blouse and those biker boots Malia!

I love these photos I found of Malia, her outfits are really cute, she is obviously well aware of the fashion trends (polka dots, biker boots, pussybow blouses) but still dressing appropriately for her age. Go Malia!

The polka dot peter pan blouse is my favourite outfit!

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