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Sunday 9 February 2014

Outfit of the Day - Honeymoon Special!

 Finally packed and ready to go on my honeymoon!

Holiday packing can be a total nightmare. There are so many things to consider, buying the right sized case and not going over your limit, fold, roll or bundle your clothing items to all fit into your luggage, keeping your luggage safe and secure etc etc. But most importantly WHAT TO WEAR FOR EACH DAY?!?

That was my biggest dilemma, especially as my honeymoon was divided into three separate journeys - sightseeing in a Capetown (Summer wardrobe essentials, including evening wear), Garden Route driving (casual/comfortable clothes) and safari (practical shoes and clothes).

In the end I chose three outfits for each day which was more than enough here are a few:

 Maxi Dress - New Look(available in regular and tall lengths)

Maxi Dress - New Look (available in regular and tall lengths)
Bag - Primark

Blazer - River Island
Dress - River Island

Blouse - Primark
Skirt - Zara

 Dress - Forever21
Leggings - New Look
Hairband - Primark
Sandals - New Look
The hardest choice was deciding what to wear on Safari - it's not everyday you go searching for wild animals in the bush! After taking advice from my sister who had done a safari holiday she urged me to pack linen/khaki trousers, boots, a hat and for the morning drives a jacket for when it the temperature drops and becomes a lot colder.

Picture 1 - Sweater -  Forever21, Khaki trousers Topshop
Picture 2 - Top - H&M  Picture 3 - Top - Asos
Leopard print money belt - River Island
Boots - New Look 

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