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Tuesday 19 August 2014

A Burger Blind Date with TGI Fridays

Getting my #BurgerFaceOn at TGI's

Last week I was invited to a special blind date at TGI Fridays but with a difference, a Burger Blind Date. That’s right, the sexiest handcrafted burgers dying to meet me. The idea of a blind date would usually make me feel very nervous but after receiving my invitation with details on what I might expect for the evening “sexiest handcrafted burgers” I was looking forward to choosing my perfect burger match for the evening.

 What to expect on my "blind burger date"
Being keen, I arrived at TGIs quite early, the early bird always catches the worm! By the time my husband, my guest for the evening, arrived, I couldn’t wait any longer to “meat” my burger! 

Cocktails at the bar
We got drinks at the bar and then were seated to our table by a lovely friendly member of the TGI’s team who ordered our cocktails and then explained what the Burger Blind date would involve:

 Burger blind date menu

We were given a menu to choose from the line up of eight handcrafted burgers. Each burger has it’s own personality traits; contestant five was “rich romantic and mysterious” and contestant two was “from down south where everything’s better when its smooth”. It was hard to choose but the burger that took my fancy was contestant six. Judging by the “stars and stripes” I believe I picked the American burger, you can’t go wrong with this classic! Whilst Joe chose the mysterious contestant eight, huge burger with lots of toppings and a tangy sauce - very tasty!

                       Joe's mysterious burger, contestant number 8
During our meal we posed for our #Burgerface and we gifted with a framed photo at the end of our meal which was a nice treat!


I loved the campaign: original and funny, the menu was well thought out and I enjoyed choosing my burger based on the contestants profile, a really good idea and great fun.

Thank you so much TGI Friday’s for inviting me! I’ve still got my eye on a few other contestants so will definitely go back to give them a try and perfect my burger face! 

If you're off to TGI's why not take the challenge too, post your pics on Facebook, tweet or instagram your best #BurgerFace. It might look easy, but it's a lot harder than it looks! ;-)

*Disclaimer: I was invited to review this event but all words and opinions are my own*

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