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Saturday 30 August 2014

YOU - naturally powerful cleaning products

 YOU - naturally powerful cleaning products

Cleaning your home is never the most exciting thing to do, but unfortunately its one of those jobs that needs to get done if you want a clean house! What always makes it even more unpleasant are the nasty smells and chemicals you find in some cleaning products.

So I was pleased to receive these products from YOU: they are household cleaning products made from 100% plant based and biodegradable formulas that promise to be efficient, safe and totally refillable and also safe to keep around the home.

I care about the environment but I also need a product that cleans well too, which makes YOU an ideal product to use as the products have been developed without the use of any synthetic chemicals but from substances with natural origin that are respectful to the environment. The range features kitchen, bathroom, all purpose cleaner and window cleaner for your home.

YOU works like most cleaning products, simply apply and wipe down. I used the window cleaner to clean away dirt and grime on my windows and mirrors. I also tried YOU kitchen cleaner on my kitchen sink and tiles with ease. After wiping down with a cloth, the sink was left sparklingly clean.  



It left a pleasant fresh scent which unlike other products didn’t have a lingering chemical smell afterwards.

The YOU products are simple to use and have a clean and fresh scent giving me peace of mind from knowing I am not filling my home with toxic chemicals.  Best of all unlike most household products, YOU is refillable. You can buy the tiny refill bottles (12ml each) and all that is needed is water to be added and they are ready to use. 

I’ve never tried a refillable cleaning product before but this refill system not only produces less waste but  saves you a bit of money in the process, and you’re helping to reduce your carbon footprint too.

If you're interested in trying out the YOU products in your home, you can buy them from here

*Disclaimer: This product was sent for review however all words and opinions are my own*


Kate Bristow said...

Can I order those products online? And do they ship worldwide?

DoYouNoah said...

Hello, you can buy You products mentioned in this blog post from here:

Rodi Smith said...

I want to assure the other readers that You products really do a great job! Thank you for sharing ! I found information about You in your blog!

Faith Grant said...

I'm a skeptic, but I'll give these products a try! The results showed on the pictures are great!

Dannie M. said...

This is magical :) Thanks for all the info I will definitely order the cleaner online. It's going to make my cleaning so much easier.

Uther V said...

I hope I can find this easily online. Thanks for sharing :)

Unknown said...

WOW! you have amazing Household Cleaning Products, it can add value to the person who read this. Awesome post.

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