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Tuesday 21 October 2008

New MTV Reality Show

Usually, I love MTV's cheesy reality shows...who doesn't love The Hills? And then there's Making The Band, Cribs, Sweet Sixteen, Flavor of Love, Pimp My Ride etc. Some of these shows are great; others are so cringeworthy they are hilarious which makes them so entertaining. But I think we can all agree that MTV took it too far when they introduced Peaches Geldof to their new fly on the wall "documentary" which launches the new magazine, Disappear Here. I mean WTF?!? Yes SJP, that's exactly what I did when I found out Peaches Geldof a girl famous for being Sir Bob's daughter and being frequently snapped on the celeb circuit and...and nothing else. But now she's actually going to get a "job" and become editor of magazine to be filmed on MTV. Yes that's right. In the normal world it would take a few years to lead a team of journalists on venture as big as launching a new magazine. But silly billy, this is reality TV of course! Anything's possible! (Particularly if you have a very rich and well connected Daddy -that also helps). So will I be tuning in? I won't bet on it. Then again, we might all be surprised and the show turns out to be incredibly insightful. We see a side of Peaches that shows her creativity, intelligence and excel in the role as Editor... Lol...let's tune in for the least! Follow the link below to catch the first episode:-

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