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Sunday 25 April 2010

Hair Transplants for TV Doctor!

Hair transplant for TV doctor

Hair transplants - yay or nay???

Well, according to the News of the World, it was a HELL YES for Embarrassing Bodies TV presenter Christian Jessen.

Christian is well known as the TV doctor who advises patients on treatments to cure a range of embarrassing problems.

The newspaper states that Christian has had a secret hair transplant which can cost up to £4,000. Wowzer! 

Christian actually "confessed" to the tabiloid: "Having talked to patients who had hair transplants on Embarrassing Bodies, I decided the time was right to get it done. I'm delighted with the results".

In my opinion, it doesn't look too obvious.  Then again, my hair's not thining (thank God!) so what looks subtle to me could look like a big old bald patch to him.

Perhaps Christian should take his own advice he dished out to his patients on-screen and worry less about his appearance and work more on his confidence!

So what do you think - should men have hair transplants or do you prefere the more natural look on guys?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

he looks like he's had some plastic surgery too... maybe he was relieved people noticed the hair instead.

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