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Thursday 29 April 2010

Lourdes Looks The Splitting Image of Her Mother

 Madonna, her daughter and a younger Madonna - Similarities?

I found this image of Madonna, her 13 year old daughter, Lourdes and a younger Madonna snapped in 1979.  Doesn't Lourdes look like the splitting image of her mother?!

Anyway, what did you make of Lourdes outfit?  I really like her embellished shift dress/leather jacket combo.  The biker boots finished it off and played down a look to match her age.  

Though saying that I wouldn't let my 13 year old daughter wear walk out of the house wearing ripped tights.  Lourdes should have binned them because quite frankly the trashy tights ruined an almost perfect outfit.  I guess the ripped tights are her signature look so i'll let her off this time. ;-)

Are you feeling the ripped tights??


Halle Anderson said...

Very cool topic!

DoYouNoah said...

thanks hun glad u enjoyed!

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