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Sunday 11 July 2010

Outfit of the Day Magazine Shoot

 Top - H&M
Jeans - Zara
Cloggs - Primark

Last week I did a photo shoot for a UK Company magazine with my friend Katy - how cool is that?!

We had no idea what to wear, but lucky for us all of that was taken care of. A stylist with a wardrobe full of clothes, (ahhh paradise!) a makeup artist, hair stylist were all on hand to pamper us like celebs. The shoot was set in an exotic garden, like something out of the mediterranean...though it was actually someone's huge back garden!!

Katy's waistcoat and tassle vest - River Island

We had a look at a few of the photos and they looked really good. Though you will have to wait and see what we wore on the shoot - it should be out next month so I will upload the pics on here. 
 On our way back from the shoot-lots of fun!

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