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Wednesday 7 July 2010

Victoria Beckham Hungover - Yes REALLY!

 Posh spotted slumped...oh dear!
What's worse than a hangover?  A hangover splashed across the papers thats what! Unlike us mere mortals, at least we can suffer in private, yet being the celebrity she is, Posh isn't so lucky.  Yesterday, the fashion designer was spotted nursing a sore head after a weekend of partying.  

She still manages to look great, despite being pictured slumped over in a lift.  Victoria's Marc Jacobs sundress is georgous- I love the bows very cute!

Posh in Marc Jacobs

Posh was spotted at Nice aiport in France where her friends and family celebrated her and David's 11th year anniversary. Wow they've made it to 11 years. Though it hasn't been plain sailing (who could forget Rebecca Loos and THOSE texts), in celebville that's extremely rare for a couple to last that long - so good for them!

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