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Monday 11 April 2011

Rihanna & Britney Collab for S&M Remix

The biggest names in pop Rihanna and Britney Spears are teaming up for a remix of Rihanna's single, S&M.  This morning, Rihanna tweeted:

@Rihanna a sexy collabo comin' your way supa dupa soon ... it's Britney bitch!!!

To which Britney Spears repiled:

@Britneyspears you're such a tease! I like it, like it... You think they're ready RiRi?

Which of course sent Twitter crazy making them trending topics (currently still trending!).

I love the original song and to have Britney featuring makes it even better! Rihanna obviously knows a hit when she sees one. Earlier this year she asked her 4.4 million twitter fans who she should duet with. The overwhelming response was Britney Spears...obviously.

And today it was proven how much admiration and mutal respect they have for each other as artists, with Rihanna tweeting that Britney:

@Rihanna: @Britneyspears one of the biggest worldwide popstars! U gangsta #EPIC 

With Britney's response: @BritneySpears You ain't so bad yourself honey...

I couldn't agree more! By the way what do you think of Rihanna's new hairstyle? Yay or nay?? 

 Rihanna sporting a new 'do

1 comment:

shibzzi said...

Not a big fan of Rihanna's new hairdo- I've always liked her with longer hair! Having a boy-cut doesn't necessarily mean you're 'fierce' - look at Beyonce for example! :) xxx

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