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Saturday 3 March 2012

Kanye West Designer Shoes on Sale for €4,420 Euros!

 Kanye West at his DW showcase at Paris Fashion Week 2012

Kanye West has unveiled his new range of shoes with Italian label, Guiseppe Zanotti, at Paris Fashion Week 2012

All eyes were on the eye catching heels modelled by the model's shoes on the runway of his DW showcase.

 Kanye West for Guiseppe Zanotti heels

Made of calf leather and embroidered pearls, the shoes are currently available to buy at the Colette store in Paris for 4,420 Euros - gulp!

 Models spotted in Kanye's designer heels at his shoes

So they might not be priced at a high street shopper's budget but would you be saving up for a pair of Kanye's heels?!


Roisin said...

I would defintely not pay that for those shoes. Don't care if Kanye made them or not.

Anonymous said...

designer shoes are so beautiful!

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