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Monday 10 May 2010

Gordon Brown "steps down" as Labour Leader

 Gordon Brown..

Gordon Brown, UK Prime Minister, has just announced he is "stepping down" as leader of the Labour party, as his party opens formal talks with the Lib Dems about forming a government.

Gordon declared the national interest could be best served by a coalition between Lib Dems and Labour and that he would "discharge that duty to form that government." 
Last Thursday's results of a hung parliament has made the future of British politics look very bleak indeed.  

The last few days, the media have reported Tory and Lib Dem's in talks to form a government together.

However, with Gordon Brown's announcement this has completely changed the dynamics.  It's a positive step to smmooth the way of a deal between Labour and the Lib Dems for form a government.  And you can bet what party is absolutely fuming - you guessed it, Conservatives!
Gordon Brown at Press Conference today

By stepping down, Gordon has started a bid to keep Labour in power (and himself) for a limited period of time. 

So what do you think? Will the Lib Dems choose the Tories or Labour to form a coliation government??

Wow, who knew British politics could get this exciting?!?!

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