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Monday 3 May 2010

Outfit of the Day Black Dress

Outfit for the Weekend...

It was the bank holiday and what better way to celebrate it then to go out and party??? :-)

Well I did in this fabulous LBD (Little Black Dress).  As much as the colour black has its many advantages such as making the body appear alot slimmer (or so they say!) I don't usually wear all black as I find it incredibly dull.  

 Little Black Dress i have fallen in ♥ with! ;-)

So when I saw this little number had Embellished Shoulders with sequins and tassles I couldn't resist - Little Black Dress with a twist? It had my name all over it! 

 Black Dress -


Unknown said...

umm excuse me can i borrow some legs???? LOL. u have legs for days. I love the dress!

DoYouNoah said...

hehe thanks huni!im 5'9 so im practically a giant in heels but i've grown (literally!) to embrace my height :-)

t said...

Cool dress! You look good. :)

DoYouNoah said...

Thanks hun!

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