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Sunday 31 July 2011

Ella's Bakehouse Review

 Lorraine Pascale - patisserie chef

I have heard so much about Lorraine Pascale, the former supermodel turned cupcake queen, when I passed her store, Ella's Bakehouse, I had to pop in and taste the most talked about cupcakes in town!

 Ella's Bakehouse, Covent Garden

Ella's Bakehouse is located on the corner of Covent Garden's busy Piazza town square. There were so many cupcakes to choose from so I was spoilt for choice! In the end, I chose red velvet (chocolate sponge with red colouring and a cream cheese frosting) and brown bottom (chocolate sponge and vanilla butter cream).  

Red velvet (l) brown bottom (r)

So what makes Lorraine's cupcakes so special?  Used from mainly British ingredients, the sponge is light, slightly moist and fluffy made with light vanilla sugar syrup. Absolutely delicious!!!

You can buy Lorraine's best selling cook book, Baking Made Easy, here.

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